Monday, November 25, 2013


Artur Maklyarevsky and Deb Brugiati recently launched JuicyCanvas, the first art and fashion marketplace that allows you to remix trending art and print it onto beautiful products. This week, they’ve launched their fundraising campaign Indiegogo and are seeking the backing of fashion enthusiasts to take Juicy to the next level.

If they reach their goal, they will be able to build the mobile app and launch a curator/remixer platform where everyone can have their own gallery of favorite artworks and remixes, which they can share with friends and earn credits if some of their friends buy those remixes.

During the campaign, they are offering amazing rewards at super low prices. You can remix your favorite artwork and print it on:
a small canvas ($20)
a 100% cotton t-shirt ($20)
a tote bag ($20)
a baby onesie ($20)
a mobile case ($30)
a hoodie ($40)
and more!

The husband-wife-baby trio are from Buenos Aires/New York, art lovers and strong believers of active, creative consumers. It's their vision to create a world where everything can be remixed, redesigned and personalized.So go check out their campaign and support this family startup.
No more zombie shopping. Everyone can be now creative.

JuicyCanvas :: IndieGogo from JuicyCanvas ♥ Remix Your World on Vimeo.

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