Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Popes and Bankers

Popes & Bankers: A Cultural History of Credit & Debt, from Aristotle to AIG

I received this  book as part of  Thomas Nelson's blogger review program. I received and read a complimentary copy of Jask Cashill's Popes and Bankers.

Book Description

The first accessible, upbeat, engaging and even amusing history of the endlessly fascinating topic of credit and debt, which has shaped civilization in ways even bankers cannot begin to imagine.
It is altogether appropriate that the term applied to today’s economic woes is “credit crunch.” When banks stop lending, even to each other, and when no amount of interest can prompt them, the gears of the world’s civilization grind to an ungodly halt. Crunch! From Plato to payday loans, from the Council of Nicea to the Al Qaeda Reader, and from Shylock to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Jack Cashill’s Popes and Bankers relates the colorful and contentious story of how this unlikely lubricant helped create the greatest civilization that the world has ever known, even if today its gears are grinding.

My review
I'll admit it...At first I was kind of scared of a book about the history of credit and debt. I know nothing about finance  . It was was easy to read , it was very well writen and it is clear that the author did a lot of research on it but unfortunately I was bored and had problems getting into it. It is just not for me .  I would definitely recommend it to people who are into books like this one.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PSP Go Protective Case

I was looking online and in Future Shop to see what kind of cases were out there. Only ones I found were the black soft cases and the hard protective cases. I was  hoping there would be more choices but I picked a blue hard protective case.

I love this case better than the cases for the other PSPs. I find it fits snuggly . I had a little bit of problem putting the PSP in it and it it a little difficult to take it out but if you don't take it out of the case it isn't really a big deal.
It isn't bulky so it still fits in your hands even if you have small hands.

I just wish they are different colors to really personalize it more.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I already had the first PSP and the PSP-3000 but now I have the PSP Go .

What's in the Box
PSP Go system, AC power adapter,Media Go CD and system documentation.

The Specs
The PSP Go is loaded with 16GB of flash storage, has a Micro M2 slot for expansion and, without a UMD drive, manages to be  smaller and  lighter than the original PSP. The 3.8-inch screen smaller than the PSP- 1000, but it runs at the same 480x272 resolution.

What I think of it
I played it for a while and battery life is just about the same as the other PSPs that I have  but mind you I do have the Extended life battery pack  in my PSP-1000 and PSP-3000. I also find that it is quieter than the others with the UMD drives in them. I have small(ish) hands and I sometimes thought the other PSPs were a bit to big for my small hands but with the PSP Go I don't feel as awkward playing it

Sound and video:  I listening to music and watched a movie on it and the quality will depend on the quality of the video and audio you add but if they are of good quality the sound and video will be pretty good. I was watching a video that had bad audio quality but I plugged my earbuds in it and the sound was good.
When I listened to music I found the quality was pretty awesome for such a small system and I really liked the

I really liked mine and actually I like it better than my other PSPs because I like the fact that you store the games on your PSP or the Memory Stick Micro.Of course you can also save them on your PC or PS3. Plus if something ever happens to your computer, your PSP and/or your PS3 you can just log into your PlayStation store account and you can re-download the games without having to buy the games all over again.

I give this system two thumbs up.

Here are some photos of my PSP Go:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Currently reading

Once I am done reading I will be posting my review. I don't usually take long to read a book but this one I will not post a review until at least after March 14th because I will be very busy until then and might not have the chance to read much between now and  then. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

I must admit I am not a big Olay fan. I have tried a few of their products and I wasn't impressed because all the products I have tried have perfume and I am sensitive to perfume scents. I mean the smell gives me headaches. Anyways, I have tried this product a few times. 2 times per day for the past 4 days and I must this product is just like all other Olay products I have tried. The scent was a little to much for my sensitive nose and yes it gave me headaches.

But does it work well? I have absolutely no clue. In the few times I have tried it I haven't noticed any difference at all so far.

I looked online and where I have looked the price for this is $35.99

Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors

These razors have 3 blades surrounded by soft protective cushions and a MoistureRich Strip. It is said that they do close shave and leaves your skin silky smooth. Well I must say for a disposable razor it is fantastic and is as good as the commercials say. I think this will be my new favorite razors.

I checked and these razors are $10.99 for a pack of 3. A little pricier than what I pay for disposable razors but I think that it is well worth it.

Pantene Pro-V Colour Expressions Shampoo & Conditioner System

I received sample packets of this . I received 2 blonde ones and 2 brunette ones.
Really it was somewhat useless to me since I had coloured my hair black in December and never colour it again since but I tried the brunette sample packets anyways.

It is supposed to help to enhance your hair colour and leave your hair soft and smooth. Yes it did make my hair soft and smooth with ofcourse is always good but unfortunately because most my my black colour was gone and because it wasn't brunette that didn't work but I have tried this shampoo and conditioner before about a year ago the red hair one when I did have my hair auburn and it really did enhance the colour.

Retail price of the shampoo and conditioner is $9.99 each

Would I ever buy it... hmmm.. maybe if it were a little bit cheaper I would but I really do recommend it if you do not mind paying $9.99 for shampoo and an other $9.99 for conditioner because it really does work.