Saturday, November 26, 2011

She Can Run by Melinda Leigh (book review)

Elizabeth was a young widow with two small children when she met Congressman Richard Baker. Handsome and wealthy, with a sparkling public image, Richard seemed like the perfect man to provide the security that Beth and her kids were craving. But when she uncovers a dangerous secret about her new husband, Beth realizes he will go to any lengths—even murder—to keep it. After barely escaping with her life, she and her children flee. They eventually make their way to a secluded estate in the Pennsylvania countryside, where Beth dares to hope she has found a safe place at last…
Forced into retirement by an unexpected injury, Philadelphia homicide detective Jack O’Malley is mourning the loss of his career when his uncle abruptly dies, leaving Jack to dispose of his crumbling country house. Unbeknownst to him, his uncle engaged a caretaker just before his death, a mysterious woman with two children and a beautiful face that haunts his dreams. Determined to know her, Jack begins an investigation into Beth’s past. When he uncovers the shocking truth, and a local woman is viciously murdered, Jack puts his own life on the line to keep Beth and her children safe.


This story tries to be too many things while including too many story lines and I kept getting confused other than that the story was ok. I don't think I will ever read this one ever again because this book just wasn't for me.

I give this 3 out of 5.

*I was given a free copy of this book for my honest review*

Finding Joe autographed movie poster WINNER

I will be emailling you shortly

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fingerprint Apps for Kids

I was recently asked to  review Fingerprint , a ipod/iPad/iPhone app which is dedicated to developing great games that kids can play anywhere.

Fingerprint Play, launched by mom and former #2 at LeapFrog, Nancy MacIntyre, is dedicated to developing great games that kids can play
anywhere. And while they play, they learn--everything from story
comprehension to math skills.

Fingerprint games provide a fun and educational shared gaming experience on iOS devices for parent and child. Every Fingerprinted app meets expert standards for age appropriate curriculum, are branded with a FP logo in the app store, and can be accessed through one hub-page. 

Big Kid Life Firefighter 
Ages 4-7
Rampaging Fire Monsters are on the loose in Big City – chasing kitties, scaring puppies and setting things on fire! Kids use a special backpack hose to drench Fire Monsters, use ladders to climb past obstacles, and save kitties and puppies – all while practicing math, color and shape identification skills. 

Big Kid Life Veterinarian
Ages 3-6
Find out what’s ailing your pet! Kids X-ray animals and see what’s inside, revealing an exciting seek touch-and-seek game teaches letter and shape identification, phonics, logic and geometry.

Big Kid Life Fairy Princess
Ages 4-7
Every level tells a story, where everyday activities become fantastic adventures stories. Kids play through 15 magical adventures creating their very own Fairy Princess story while practicing story comprehension.

FINGERPRINT PLAYMAKER - A custom character creation game (created by Fingerprint)
Ages 4-8
Kids make their own play by customizing their character’s clothing, win and lose animations and sound effects to make a learning app as unique their own fingerprint. Kids learn number, shape and color identification, as well as addition, subtraction and word building.

Each game comes with the one-of-a-kind in-app Mom-Comm that allows parents to stay engaged in their kids’ experience. Features include:
  • Message Center: parents can write a note, record a voice message, or send a pre-scripted message or emoticons to encourage their kids
  • Snapshot: parents can receive a quick report via email, in app messaging or Facebook on what their kid is learning and playing
  • Recommendations: after a kid completes a game, Fingerprint can make recommendations to parents to help them choose a new game that will be enjoyable and appropriate, based on the kid's interests and skill set
Check out their website and their facebook page.

These games are super cute and fun and of course educational. I highly recommend this to all of you who have children 3 to 8 years old.  Your children will love these apps.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Between a Rock and a Mad Woman by Stephanie Queen (ebook review)

A novel of romance and political intrigue. In this world of politics, romance wins over cynicism and the good guys finish first.

Not since JFK, has a political candidate used his wit and charm to such an advantage as Peter “the Rock”. On the other hand, there hasn’t been a woman so admired as a crusader against corrupt power since Joan of Arc… until “Mad” Madeline. Madeline is running for Governor of Massachusetts against Peter. Madeline and Peter were once in love—before she broke his heart.
In the midst of the campaign battle they reignite their volatile relationship, but on warring sides of the ticket, they can’t afford for the media to find out too. As they fight each other for office they find they have an enemy in common. When their enemy drives up the stakes, Peter must decide if he’ll risk his career and fight with Madeline to overcome the political crisis. Madeline has to decide if she trusts Peter—and whether she still loves him.


I was in pain from shoveling the driveway yesterday so i decided to take it easy today and do some reading. I am glad I read this book. Very well written and it kept me reading until the very end. If you like contemporary romance books then this one you might like.

If you want to purchase this book you can do so at and Smashwords.

*I was given a free copy of this eBook for my honest review*

I give this 5 out of 5

In Her Sights by Robin Perini (book review)

Jasmine "Jazz" Parker, Jefferson County SWAT's only female sniper, can thread the eye of a needle with a bullet. But she carries a secret from her past that she thought she buried for good at the age of fifteen. Two years ago she even drove away the one man she believed she could love--ex-Army Ranger turned reporter Luke Montgomery--to keep her past hidden. Now, in a fleeting second, the time it takes for one clean shot, one perfect hit, to save the life of the governor's daughter, Jazz's world begins to crumble around her.

Luke splashes her face and name across the front page of the newspaper, reawakening her past with a vengeance. A vicious enemy is now bent on destroying her life, forcing Jazz to turn to the one man she can never have in order to stop a killer before she and everyone she cares about pays the ultimate price. Full of explosive action and almost unbearable suspense, In Her Sights is a relentless, steamy thriller surprisingly infused with soul and poignancy.

If you are into fast-paced romantic suspense novels then this is a book for you. I read this book yesterday afternoon and I must say it was a amazing book. I could not put it down and I am sure you will not as well. Very well written and I know I will read this book again in the near future.

I give this 5 out of 5

*I was given a free copy of this Book for my honest review*

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sower of Dreams (The Gods' Dream Trilogy) by Debra Holland

On present day Earth, Khan Laenser is on the run from a death threat and stumbles across a secret shrine in the desert. Inside the shrine, the goddess Withea sends him to the ancient world of Kimtair to reclaim the wasted land that was once a flourishing civilization.

When Princess Daria of Seagem spurns the marriage proposal of Thadis, the king of a neighboring country, he invades. Daria flees into the desert, only to fall prey to a marauding beast. When Khan rescues her, they join forces to defeat their enemies. But will his vow to the goddess and her royal responsibilities tear them apart? 


I really liked this book and I know I will be reading again at some point when I have free time to read whatever I want to read.  Very well written and great fantasy romance book that kept me reading the entire book in one sitting. If you are into Fantasy romance books you most likely will like this book.

If you want to purchase this book you can do so at

I give this book 5 out of 5

*I was given a free copy of this eBook for my honest review*

Zumba® Fitness 2 Video Game on Wii™

Hello everyone,

If you have someone on your Holidays shopping list that love Zumba I think Zumba® Fitness 2 Video Game on Wii™  would be a great gift to give them.  

Additional Zumba® Fitness 2 Video Game Features:
  • Get Lost in the Beat – 32 electrifying new routines and contagious music tracks with international beats that now include hits from today’s hot artists: Pitbull, Nicole Scherzinger and Yolanda Be Cool & DCup.
  • Shake it in Style – From fan favorites like Salsa and Reggaeton to all new styles like Bollywood, Ragga, Latin Pop and Pasodoble, players can learn 24 different dance styles from all over the world. That’s more than twice the number in the original best-selling game!
  • Customize Your Experience – Select your favorite routine in Single Song mode, take a class designed by Beto, Gina Grant or Tanya Beardsley, or craft your own playlist in Full Class mode. You can even take it slow in Learn the Steps tutorial mode before you dive into the choreography.
  • Join the Party – Invite your friends to join the fun in multiplayer mode that supports up to four players.
  • Location, Location, Location – Dance it up in five dynamic new environments, from a Miami Yacht to a Los Angeles nightclub.
  • Superstar Instructors – Dance and interact with top Zumba® instructors Beto, Tanya Beardsley and Gina Grant.
  • Dance Hands-Free – The exclusive Zumba® Fitness belt is included inside every box so you can holster your Wii Remote™ and naturally move to the music.
Majesco Entertainment has teamed up with 24 Hour Fitness, the nation’s largest privately owned U.S. fitness club chain and a health club industry pioneer, to offer fans an exclusive promotion. Every copy of the Zumba® Fitness 2 video game includes a free seven-day pass to try a live Zumba® class at a 24 Hour Fitness location. In addition, 24 Hour Fitness is also featured within the video game in the dynamic rooftop environment.
Developed by Zoe Mode, Zumba® Fitness 2 for Wii™ is rated T for Teen and available now for the suggested retail price of $39.99. Zumba® Fitness Rush will launch on Kinect™ for Xbox 360® in February 2012.
To watch the launch trailer and find out more, please visit

*This is just a suggestion.*

Doctor Who: Series Six, Part Two Blu-Ray giveaway

 Matt Smith and Karen Gillen return to DVD and Blu-ray for the second half of the hugely popular sixth season of Doctor Who 

  Here is the trailer for series Six

Are you a Doctor Who fan? If you are or you know someone who is then you will want to enter into this giveaway.  Geeky Girl Reviews and BBC America are giving away Two copies of Doctor Who: Series Six, Part Two on BluRay. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series review

The 6-disc set combines all 13 episodes of the new season from award-winning lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (Sherlock, The Adventures of Tintin), along with the 2010 Holiday Special, A Christmas Carol, starring Harry Potter?s Michael Gambon, plus hours of bonus features. The series follows the adventures of the Doctor, a mysterious traveler who journeys throughout all of time and space, picking up companions along the way. ©BAFTA nominee Matt Smith (the Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory) and Alex Kingston (River Song) are back when the Doctor faces his date with death and learns a lot more about the mysterious River Song. Guest stars include Mark Sheppard (Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica), Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Notting Hill), supermodel Lily Cole (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), James Corden (Gavin & Stacey,The History Boys), and David Walliams (Little Britain, Come Fly With Me). Catch a surprise appearance by NBC's Meredith Vieira in the series finale as well as Michael Sheen (The Twilight Saga, Midnight in Paris), who voices a character in Neil Gaiman?s episode and Imelda Staunton (Cranford, Vera Drake), who voices a character in Tom MacRae?s episode. Executive producers are Piers Wenger (Upstairs Downstairs, Ashes to Ashes) and Beth Willis (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes). Doctor Who: Series 6, Part 1, Doctor Who: Series 6, Part 2 and Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol are also available for purchase separately on DVD and Blu-ray.




My hubby and I are both big Doctor Who fans so we were both very happy that I got Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series to review.This series we both enjoyed very much. The storyline was good. Some was predictable and some wasn't.I loved the the extra features like the  60-minute Christmas Special; Doctor Who Confidential, an inside look at each episode; audio commentary; trailers and more I am not going to give out any spoilers but if you are a Doctor Who fan you might like this series as  much as we did.

*I received a free copy of  Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series  from BBC for my honest review* 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lunatic Fringe (Tales of the Pack, Book 1) by Allison Moon book review

New author Allison Moon indulges the feminine wild by giving the classic werewolf myth a lesbian twist.
Lexie Clarion's first night at college, she falls in with a pack of radical feminist werewolf hunters. The next morning, she falls for a mysterious woman who may be among the hunted. As Lexie's new lover and the Pack battle for Lexie's allegiance, the waxing moon illuminates old hatreds, new enemies, and a secret from Lexie's childhood that will change her life forever.

I very much enjoyed this book. I am not usually into this kind of books but this book was very good. I thought it was a little slow at the beginning but as I kept reading on I was getting into this book and by the end I was glad I kept reading this book and not just toss it into my "I can't read this" pile.

If you would like to purchase this book you can do so at AmazonBarnes and Noble or IndieBound.

I give this 4 out of 5 

*I was given a free copy of this Book for my honest review*

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello everyone

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been online much during the past 3 days and unforuntely I will most likely not be online as much as I used to until after December 12th.  Not to worry i am fine. It is just that on Friday afternoon our Wifi went out on us and I will not be getting it fixed until my hubby is back.
I will still do my reviews  as planned because i will be using hubby's computer until we get the wifi fixed so I will still have blog posts coming up.

One good thing about the wifi not working is that I am spending a lot more time reading so I might just be able to catch up. 

Anyways I just wanted to let you all know.
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Maggie for Hire: Book One: Maggie MacKay Magical Tracker Series by Kate Danley

"It's Janet Evanovich meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

When monsters appear on Earth, Maggie MacKay is on the job. No one is better at hauling the creepy crawlies back where they belong. No one, that is, except her dad, who disappeared without a trace in the middle of an assignment.

Now an elf named Killian has shown up with a gig. Seems Maggie’s uncle teamed up with the forces of dark to turn Earth into a vampire convenience store, serving bottomless refills on humans.

The only hope for survival lies in tracking down two magical objects and a secret that disappeared with Maggie’s dad.

WARNING: This book contains cussing, brawling, and unladylike behavior. Proceed with caution.


If you do not like books with  swearing then do not bother with this book. I for one do not mind it and I very much enjoyed this book. I didn't read it all in one sitting but I did like this book. Very well written and I can't wait to read more of this series. I highly recmmend this.

If you want to purchase this book check out Kate Danley's site for info.

I give this 4 out of 5

*I was given a free copy of this eBook for my honest review*

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wild Montana Sky by Debra Holland ebook review

A "Sweet" Romance set in 1893 Montana

With the tragic death of her fiancé, Elizabeth Hamilton believed she’d never love again. The comfortable life she’s settled into with her brother in Boston, is upset when he abruptly marries. Displaced by her spiteful new sister-in-law, and hoping to find a home for herself, Elizabeth allows handsome cowboy Nick Sanders to escort her from Boston to her friend’s Montana ranch.

In Montana, Elizabeth meets attractive Caleb Livingston, a wealthy banker who strongly resembles her beloved fiancé, and believes she has a second chance at love. Yet, she has to fight a growing attraction to Nick. In braving the dangers and hardships of the West, Elizabeth discovers unexpected strengths within herself--strengths tested when an influenza epidemic ravages the town. As a child’s life hangs in the balance, Elizabeth must choose between the man who has everything, and the one with nothing but his heart to offer. 


I am not usually into western romance books but I must say I really enjoyed this one . It is very well written and I loved the characters. Even if you are not into western romance books but love those short easy read books than I think you might like this one.
By the way this book is part of  The Montana Sky Series.

 If you want to purchase this book you can do so at

I give this 4 out of 5 

*I was given a free copy of this eBook for my honest review*

Go Green Food Packaging Review & Giveaway

I was given the opportunity  to review a bunch of awesome food trays from Go Green Food Packaging Company. Actually they sent me 100 of them!  At first I really had no clue what I would do with all these food trays  but then I had a few ideas. I could make cookies or other deserts, put them in the trays and freeze them or maybe when we have family or friends over for dinner I could send them off with leftovers in these trays. But the trays I have received are the ones that can be put in freezer but can not recommended for heating so I guess I would have to warn everyone.  Even if you do not get lids, plastic wrap does stick to these trays.
These trays are valued at $25
sorry for the bad photo. I used my Smartphone

Go Green Food Packaging is biodegradable, eco-friendly and they use 30% less energy and materials than the average food packaging systems. Isn't that great?

Check out their website  and their facebook page and they are also on Twitter.

The Giveaway

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tame A Wild Heart by Cynthia Woolf ebook review


He's not her brother, but Duncan thinks Catherine sure needs one. A woman has no business trying to run a ranch. Not in 1880s Creede, Colorado. Even though she's loved him forever, she swears she doesn't need his help, but in between stampedes, fires and a kidnapping, the ex-bounty hunter and gunslinger becomes determined to do more than protect the ranch. Working together to catch a dangerous outlaw might just be the best thing that ever happened to them both.

I do not usually like western romance books but I was quite surprised that I really liked this one. I was sick yesterday so I was able to read this in one sitting. I love the storyline . If you are into western romance books then you might like this one.

If you want to purchase this book you can do so at  Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords. If you want to read a excerpt of this book you can do so at Cynthia Woolf's website.

I give this 4 out of 5

*I was given a free copy of this eBook for my honest review*

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Art Of Deception (Stolen Hearts) by Kate Kelly ebook review

Cold, hard facts make a case, but there’s nothing cold or hard about FBI Agent Vince Gage's prime suspect, Sophie Pascotto. Despite incriminating evidence and that his job is at risk. Gage can’t convince himself Sophie is guilty. He struggles to balance the facts, but there’s one fact he can’t ignore, he’s falling in love with Sophie.

Someone has set up Sophie and her brother to take the fall for art forgery and drug smuggling. When Gage discovers Sophie has received death threats, he convinces her they need to work together. Sophie soon realizes beneath his tough cop exterior lurks a kind man. This Gage is much more dangerous because he engages her heart. With her family under suspicion for forgery, the last person she should become involved with is a by-the-book FBI agent. 

This is the third book by Kate Kelly I have had the pleasure to review and I must say I have loved every books so far.I loved the main characters  and the story is very well written. It is a quick and easy read with romance and suspense and it will keep you reading until the very end. If you are into romance and suspense books then I highly recommend this one.

I give this 5 out of 5

If you want to purchase this book you can do so at and smashwords. Also feel free to check out Kate Kelly's website.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

CENTAURI TWILIGHT, Book 2 by Cynthia Woolf ebook review

Lara Danexx suffered years of torment at the hands of the evil and twisted Ranzon Slavarien. But she escaped and raised an army of rebels to destroy him. Victory is within her grasp when an unwelcome intruder hunts her down and spins wild tales of her lost family and royal blood. This arrogant invader stirs her long dead emotions and threatens to ruin all of her plans. She can’t allow herself to desire his touch, or believe his lies…too much is at stake.
General Anton Coridian gave his word that he would find his beloved queen’s long lost sister, Princess Jondalara. He expects a pampered princess. Instead he finds a guerilla leader with an army of loyal cut-throats and rogues at her back. Every instinct he has demands that she is his lifemate and he must steal her away to safety. But the dark determination and pain in her eyes reminds him of his own tortured past. She offers him redemption and the chance to right an unspeakable wrong. Destiny must be laughing, because now he’s fallen in love with a woman who will stop at nothing to free her people…even if it means sacrificing herself. Anton is determined to join her, both in bed and in battle. Now he must convince Lara that his love can save not just her life, but her battered heart.


After reading the first book Centauri Dawn I couldn't wait to read book 2. I read this one last night and I could not put it down. Good thing this book wasn't very long or else I would have gone to sleep very late. I love the main characters Anton and Lara (Jondalara).  If you like science fiction/romance than I think you most likely will love this series .

I give this 4 out of 5

If you want to purchase this book you can do so at  Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords.   If you want to read an Excerpt of this book you can do so at Cynthia Woolf's website

*I was given a free copy of this eBook for my honest review*

Aimée Wilder sleeve for iPad & iPad 2 - Girlbot (review)

In October I had my name picked to do  review for Griffin Technology.They sent me this lovely iPad sleeve.


With bold design inspired by everything from typography to rock poster art, Griffin + Aimée Wilder cases protect your tablet from bumps, jolts and scratches with a slim, padded sleeve. Slide your iPad into the lined case and tuck in the tab to secure your tablet. Pull the tab to slide your iPad out. It's easy-to-carry protection printed with Aimée Wilder's Girlbot pattern.
If you're anything like us, you spend most of your waking life with your iPad within reach. Protect it with something fun!

  • Slim padded slipcase for iPad and iPad 2
  • Soft lining coddles your iPad and its Multi-Touch display
  • Pull tab makes removing your iPad easy
  • Screen-printed with Aimée Wilder's Girlbot design



I was very surprised when I opened the box and saw this cute sleeve. My iPad (first gen) fits perfectly in it and I like that it is padded. I do not drop mine often but it is reassuring to know that it will protect it if I do drop it. I already got a few comments on my new sleeve. Everyone sais it is super cute and I agree it is super cute. I highly recommend this to all the geeky girls out there.

If you want to purchase this case or any other cases designed by Aimée Wilder you can do so here

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by Griffin Technology for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Twas the Night Before Christmas (BD)

  For some unexplained reason, letters to Santa Claus are being returned to the children of Junctionville. It seems some sour soul has angered St. Nick, calling Christmas "a fraudulent myth!" The skeptical rodent Albert Mouse has to be brought to his senses "and let up a little on the wonder why." How Albert is persuaded to change his tune paves the way for Santa's jolly return to Junctionville -- and the joyous finale of this charming animated fable inspired by Clement Moore's poem.

Own it Now on BluRay


So this classic Holidays cartoon has been remastered which is good. Ofcourse this is like 23 minutes or so and there are some features.   
I do not think I ever seen this one when I was a kid or if I did I can't remember ever watching it.  Anyways this is a wonderful Holidays cartoons and if you love Holdays movies and cartoons as much as I do then this is a must have for young and old.

*I received a free copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas (BD) on DVD from from WB for my honest review* 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frosty’s Winter Wonderland, Deluxe Edition review

Frosty the Snowman's marriage is threatened by jealous Jack Frost

Available now on DVD
check out Frosty The Snowman website. There are Games, Wallpapers and more.


I remember watching this one when I was a kid. I have not watched it in years though. Anyways this dvd has been digitally remastered .I think it is great especially to entice the new generation.  It all just as good as I remember it and I loved the features as well. I highly recommend to everyone.
*I received a free copy of Frosty’s Winter Wonderland, Deluxe Edition on DVD from from WB for my honest review* 

Finding Joe (review and giveaway) OVER

Finding Joe is an exploration of famed Mythologist Joseph Campbell’s studies and their continuing impact on our culture. Through interviews with visionaries from a variety of fields interwoven with enactments of classic tales by a sweet and motley group of kids, the film navigates the stages of what Campbell dubbed The Hero’s Journey: the challenges, the fears, the dragons, the battles, and the return home as a changed person. Rooted in deeply personal accounts and timeless stories, Finding Joe shows how Campbell’s work is relevant and essential in today’s world and how it provides a narrative for how to live a fully realized life - or as Campbell would simply state, how to "follow your bliss".

Featuring: Deepak Chopra, Mick Fleetwood, Rashida Jones, Tony Hawk, Catherine Hardwicke, Laird Hamilton, Robert Walter, Akiva Goldsman, Sir Ken Robinson, Robin Sharma, Lynne Kaufman, Alan Cohen, Brian Johnson, Joseph Marshall III, Rebecca Armstrong, Chungliang Al Huang, David L. Miller, Gay Hendricks, David Loy and Norman Ollestad.

Here is the link to Finding Joe site and the Facebook "like" page .

First off I have to say that I am not usually into Documetary films but I saw that Tony Hawk was in it and so I decided to give this documentary a try. 
For the first time in a long time I have found a documentary film that does not bore me to death. I sat through the entire film and very much enjoyed it.  This is very well done. I think this is one most of you ,my wonderful readers, would like. I highly recommend this

Here is your chance to win a Finding Joe poster Signed by the Director Patrick Takaya Solomon.

 Unfortunately this giveaway is for US ONLY. End date is November 26th 2011.

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of NOT influenced by monetary compensation.cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing.

Prizes are supplied by Finding Joe.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Centauri Dawn book 1 by Cynthia Woolf ebook review

Audra is a normal grad student in law school in Boulder, Colorado. Until the day she finds out she isn't. She's a princess from the planet Centauri. Her mission, whether or not she chooses to accept it, is to marry an alien and save the world, in order to save her family.

Darius is charged with delivering his brother's bride home to Centauri, ready to be queen. Falling in love isn't just forbidden, it's a death sentence for him and for his world.


I have to admit I was a little worried I would not like this book. I don't usually read books with aliens in it but I read it and I admit I was hooked from the very first page. This is a great book with romance and science fiction. This is the first book in the series. It is are stand alone you don't have to read book one to enjoy book two. As soon as I was done with reading this one I couldn't wait to read the second one , Centauri Twilight so I just had to start reading that one. I will be posting my review for Centauri Twilight this weekend. 

I give Centauri Dawn 4 out of 5

If you want to purchase this at, smashwords, All Romance and Barnes & Noble.

*I was given a free copy of this eBook for my honest review*

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sleight Of Hand (Stolen Hearts) by Kate Kelly ebook review

Chance Spencer, doesn’t steal. At least, not any more.
Suddenly suspected of stealing half a million dollars of original paintings, Chance Spencer can’t afford to have the FBI delve too closely into his covert past. When one agent in particular endeavors to put him behind bars, Chance coerces the real thief’s daughter, Sarah O’Sullivan, into helping him flush her wily father out of hiding. Both want him found. Sarah, to warn her father of Chance’s intent to turn him over to the FBI. Chance, to hopefully catch the thief red-handed. To succeed in capturing the thief Chance must keep Sarah close to him. But his plan quickly deteriorates when the stakes for his freedom soar. How can he ruthlessly use the woman he’s falling in love with?

Sarah O'Sullivan is also looking for her father, but for different reasons. With her best friend getting married, Sarah realizes she's alone in the world and needs her family. That would be her father, who has been absent most of her boarding-school life. When Chance arrives in New York to inform her he's going after her father, Sarah follows him to Canada, hoping to warn him before Chance or the FBI find him. But living in close proximity with Chance, Sarah soon starts falling in love with him. She struggles with her divided loyalties as the FBI and the local police close in for an arrest. Someone has to be arrested for the theft. Chance or her father?


This is the second book by Kate Kelly that I have had the pleasure to read and review. After the first book I was a fan and I was going to look for Kate's other books but Kate asked me  if I wanted to review 2 of her other books and I jumped on the chance.  
Anyways, I have to say I very much loved this book. I read it last night and I was hooked from the beginning. I loved the main characters (Chance and Sarah) and I loved that the setting was in Canada. I have not read many books that the story took place in Canada. I highly recommend this to all romantic suspense fans.

If you want to purchase this eBook you can do so at and smashwords

I give this 5 out of 5

*I was given a free copy of this eBook for my honest review*

Nielsen-Massey Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract Winner




I will be emailing you shortly and you will have until Friday to email me back with your info. If you fail to contact me by Friday I will have no choice but pick an other winner. 

Basa Body Coconut Oil Body Lotion Winner




I will be sending you an email shortly and you will have until Friday to email me back. If I have not received a email back by then I will be picking an other winner.

Hello Everyone

As you all may have noticed my blog was unavailable yesterday. It is up right now for a few hours but it will be going down again later on today.

I now have a web host but I have yet to figure out how to switch to my web host. I have sent my domain name to the host but so far I am stuck and waiting for technical support from the company. Hopefully I will have it all fixed before the afternoon but if not I am very sorry  for the site to be down .
I know that the giveaways ended yesterday so I will be picking the winners at some point today and will be emailling the winners  .

I will have the names of winners on my blog whenever it is back up again. For now I have taken off my domain name so that at least the blog will still be up but just not using the domain name. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Something Witchy This Way Comes by Veronica Blade book review


Brainiac Tessa McClean’s newly discovered magical powers give her an escape from her self-absorbed parents. But the thrill of being a witch fades when she learns of a rival coven and begins to suspect her own coven’s motives. Evidence tells Tessa to trust one side, but instinct drives her toward the other. When the school’s scrumptious delinquent, Hayden Anders, offers Tessa self-defense lessons in exchange for tutoring, his timing couldn’t be better. Although hanging out with him is a necessary evil in Tessa’s fight to stay alive, resisting a bad-boy she secretly yearns for might be more than she can manage. Together, Tessa and Hayden work to unravel the mysteries behind the two covens to discover why they’ll stop at nothing to lure Tessa to their side. She must form an alliance with one of the covens before it’s too late. But the wrong decision could cost Tessa the lives of all who she holds dear — including Hayden

This is a YA Urban Fantasy Romance but you can enjoy this one even if you are 30-something. I absolutely love this book and it will be one that I most likely will be reading this at some point. I mean what is there not to love? Great characters, full of action and mystery plus of course Witches. I highly recommend this one.

I give this 5 out of 5  

*I was given a free copy of this ebook for my honest review*