Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frustrating And Busy Week


  On Friday we got the call saying that our belongings will be at our house on Saturday. We were so excited and happy to finally move into our own house that we bought.

Saturday the move in went smoothly.

Sunday afternoon we checked out of our hotel and then went to buy groceries. On that day we also spent the rest of the day unpacking some boxes.

Monday we had to be home for the phone company to come and connect the phone.. We waited and waited until 5 pm but still no phone. I called them and they said they will do it the next day.

Tuesday we waited and still no phone. By 5pm called again and the guy on the line said the phone should work now but of course it didn't work :-( also the guy said no one had this address had the telephone hooked up since 2006 so we asked to get a guy to come hook the house up with new lines. They said that someone will come over between 8AM to 12PM.

Wednesday we waited and waited and really were getting mad and frustrated. The guy showed up after 1pm to fix the phone line. Lucky enough all he had to do was fix it instead of putting in new lines. We are so happy about that since we really spent enough money this month as it is. On a good note though, the cable guy showed up a day ahead of schedule. On that day I also found out that my computer isn't working.. It turns on but it isn't reading anything. I have tried reformatting but it isn't even reading the CD-drives but it isn't really a big deal since that computer is old and I use my laptop 90 % more often

This morning I did some weeding in scorching heat. I was going to wait until it got a little cooler but it really had to be done. We finally have the internet in our house and I must say I was very excited about it. I do have a lot of emails to read and reply to and have to catch up on Facebook and Twitter. I was thinking of doing some vacuuming today but I think I will do that some other day because I really need to rest my back for a few days.

Tomorrow is Friday and as planned I will announce who is the winner. I really have no clue what time I will announce it since I will have a few things to do but I promise it will be announced before 11PM (eastern time) and I will email the winner before I post it on my blog.

We are all settled into our house .We still have a bit of organizing to do but we are almost done. It is amazing to see how much I got done without the Internet LOL. We still have to organize our kitchen a little bit better and I will have some gardening to do. Meeloo (our cat) is adjusting pretty well. She has been a little bit more affectionate since we moved into the house. James took a week off from work so that helped a lot.

During the few days of no Internet I was meaning on catching up on a lot of my shows but unfortunately i haven't have much time to do that. Hopefully I will be able to catch up soon. Also was meaning on doing some other stuff for my blog but I haven't had time to do that either.

I hope your week is going much better than mine.


  1. Wow, it has been a tough week for you! I would go insane if I didn't have internet...though it WOULD be a good way to get stuff done. Hope your weekend is awesome to make up for the less-than-ideal week!

    Cheap Geeks Anonymous

  2. thanks.

    I was going insane with no internet.

  3. Cute award. Congrats
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    Stay Fabulous

  4. Glad to have you back. No internet SUCKS! Hope everything is normal soon and you guys can get back to living life.