Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holidays.
As for us Christmas is a difficult time  this year because it is the first year we are staying at home instead of our usual going to see family. We do  have  family about 2 hours drive away but because we now have a puppy and we bought a house this summer we just can not afford to put puppy in a kennel and go out of town and stay in hotel for a night.

Yesterday the plan was stay home and I make a nice turkey dinner. Unfortunately  after only 2 hours of cooking the turkey I had to take it out of the oven because it was burned and the first alarm went off. What did I do?? I cried and cried...What made it worst is poor puppy was scared of the first alarm and he was shaking and well that made me cry even more. I kept thinking of myself I ruined our Christmas.
    Anyways I wasa depressed and really didn't want to make any dinner so my fiance suggested we go out for dinner. Well ofcourse because it was Christmas everthing was closed in our area so ended up getting McDonalds for dinner.

Today is Boxing Day . If you don't know what Boxing Day is go here . I love this day because well you can get tons of great deals in just about any store. I would love to get a new tv for the livingroom. We currently have a 19 inch  tube tv in the livingroom but I would love to get a new and bigger one because we have a livingroom/dinningroom and it would be great to be able to eat and watch tv at the same time. Of course we may not even buy a new tv because the ones on sale most likely will be sold out by the time we go to the store this afternoon.

I know I promised I would post more reviews last week but I wasn't feeling all that great. I will be posting reviews this week for sure. I have 5 things to review so keep checking out my blog.

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  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great Christmas celebration =)