Monday, August 8, 2011

Everwood: The Complete Fourth Season review

 The final season of the series set in a welcoming town in the Rockies is all about finding oneself?and finding each other. Here, in the 5-Disc, 22-Episode Season Four, the unforgettable people of Everwood test the ties that bind them together in joy and tears, friendship and love. Drawn by his feelings for Amy, Ephram returns home and mentors a troubled piano prodigy. When Nina chooses Jake over him, Andy struggles to remain friends with the woman he loves. Bright and Hannah make their unlikely romance work. The Abbotts open their arms to a new child. Intriguing characters arrive and beloved characters depart. Say goodbye to the place and the people that won your heart ? and discover how everything turned out!

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I have to admit I had never even heard of Everwood before the day I received Everwood:The Compplete Fourth Season but I am always glad to watch new shows I have never seen or heard of before. Anyways I watched the entire season and the features (including the deleted scenes) but I was having a hard time keeping on watching it. I thought it was boring. I know a lot of people who loved this show but I just didn't enjoy it at all.

*I received a  copy of Everwood: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD for from from WB for my honest review*


  1. This is the second consecutive website reviewing Everwood: Season 4 where the reviewer has failed to watch previous seasons before commenting and judging a season far into a show's run.

    The problem I have with your review is that without watching season's 1-3, it's unfair to judge a show where characters actions, personalities, and problems have been created and informed by events that have been happening in the 67 episodes that you failed to watch before diving into the show. It would be like jumping into season 6 of LOST and understand what is going on.

    Of course you need to be emotionally invested in a show's characters and their dreams and desires. I'm sorry but I simply cannot give full credit and respect to a review that discounts 67 preview episodes and what it has meant to what is happening in season 4.

    Most other reviewers who were reviewing a show far into it's run go back and catch up so as to give the season a fair review. I know, I know, any season should be able to stand on it's own merits, but that's all fine if you know why the characters are where they are.

    Some shows can suck you regardless of what season or episode you are on. But that depends on a variety of factors I will not go into, but it's hard to jump into a show in it's 4th and final season and expect or hope to be sucked in.
    Your not even remotely invested in what these characters have gone through, what struggles they have had to overcome, their triumphs, dark days, etc.

    If I jumped into the middle of a novel like . . . "Pride and Prejudice" or "The Scarlet Letter" and started reading, although there is a chance I could get sucked in (and go back to the beginning), my bet is that after 20-30 pages, I would probably put the book down. I'm in the middle of a story I don't understand with back story I'm not privy to and motivations by characters I have absolutely not emotional investment in.

    You might think that not having an ounce of investment makes your review better, but it's not fair to the show itself that you have basically ignored pages 1-300 of a 400 page novel.

    Anyway, I think you get the point. If your going to review a show deep into it's run, go back and watch the previous seasons.

  2. I have tried to watch the other seasons after and I felt the same way about it. Just not my kind of show