Monday, February 6, 2012

MAD about GEMS

Hello everyone!

I am just posting this to let you know about such a fantastic business.  If you love pretty jewelry you will absolutely love MAD about GEMS. They have so many beautiful pieces that I promise you will have find more than one thing that you love.

Here is a little info about them:

MAD about GEMS is about 6yrs in the making. The idea, started by Michael, back in 2006 was to purchase beautiful gemstone jewellery and sell it at reasonable prices as a side business. He unfortunately lacked the time to give it a proper shot, so he waited for the right opportunity (or person) to come along to make it happen.
At a school reunion, Michael met up (after 20+yrs) with Anna, romance blossomed and the rest they say is history??? Well not really, our history is still in the making. We did however come up with MAD about GEMS and the idea is simple: beautiful and affordable gemstone jewellery brought to you!
I (Anna) have spent countless hours sorting, researching, organizing inventory, and continue to spend many hours (in between work and kids) to make this idea come to life and I truly hope it is something everyone can enjoy.
Everyone enjoys a home party, it is a chance to get out of the house, away from the kids or spouse but how many of you really enjoy the 1 hour spiel??? I know I don’t. MAD about GEMS sets up a display in your home, you invite your friends for wine and cheese (and jewellery!!). A small introduction of myself and that’s it!! You enjoy a glass of wine (or whatever your host has decided) some treats and you can enjoy a jewellery store in your own home.
While we can try to find something for you, generally what we have displayed is our inventory. You purchase your item and take it home that day. Prices range from $25 - $350, with some slightly less or more, but generally falling between $75-$150 on average.
We currently are only able to accept cash or paypal but are hoping to have visa/mastercard/debit before mid-month.

Anyways I just thought I would let you all know about this because they have such great stuff plus they are Canadian and I always love helping out other fellow Canadians. If  you want to see more of MAD about GEMS products please go to their Facebook page. If you find anything you are interested in feel free to email Anna Millar.

 *I was not paid or compensated for posting this. I just absolutely love their  Jewellery and I wanted to share with all my readers*

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