Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Dance 4 for PS3 (review) #CleverJD4

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First off I have to say that this is not the kind of game I would usually play because I am horrible at dance but dancing is fun and it is fantastic to relieve stress and I was going through the end of a long deployment so I very much needed something to help me with the stress and excitement of my husband coming home so that is why I picked this game to review and I sure am glad I picked it because this game helped get rid of some of the stress.

First dance I did was Call Me Maybe by Carly Ray Jepsen. I actually did this song twice because the first time I did it my dog got in the way so my score wasn't so great but the second time I had a good score.

Next one I tried was What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction . I only did this one once and I got a great score!

I have played this game a few times during the past 2 weeks and I have to say this game is super fun and the entire family  can play this one because there are song for young and old from Jailhouse Rock  to Call Me Maybe.

I also tried Just Sweat and I must say I did work out a sweat and it was super fun doing it so I didn't mind. I did the 10 minute one because I am out or shape but I could have done the longer ones because I found 10 minutes was all the difficult so I think next time I play it I will challenge myself a little bit.

This is a fantastic game to have out and play with family and friends  this holiday season because it will help burn off a lot of the calories from all the yummy food you will be eating.  You can play this game solo or with up to 4 players.

You can buy this game for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U in store and online  like

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I highly recommend this game.

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