Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Creative Bio Science 90 Day Challenge

I do not usually do New Year's Resolutions but this year I am because I want to lose a bit of weight and be healthier.

Back in 2004 when I first met my husband I weighed about 118lbs but after a gall bladder surgery and quiting smoking (all in at the same time) I then ended up gaining weight and now I am sad to say I have gained 100lbs since then and I am not happy about it because I am still my hyper self but now I tend to get tired faster than I did before. I know I most likely will never be back to my old weight and I am fine with that but I would be happy just losing 20lbs. That is why I have decided to do the this 90-day challenge and hopefully it is help me lose a bit of  weight.

Next year I will start a 90 day challenge with Creative BioScience. I will be taking Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract to help me since I love coffee. I am am planning to  stop drinking coffee , eat better and do my regular exercise (taking our dog for long walks) and try to fit in a workout a few days per week. I will be posting again halfway through and at the very end to let you know how I am doing and if it is helping or not. Hopefully we will see some good results.

Are you a blogger? You can apply to take a Creative Bioscience 90 challenge by visiting:

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