Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Creative Bio Science 90 Day Challenge (an update)

As you may already know I had started Creative Bio Science 90 Day Challenge. The First month it was fantastic because I had lost 10 pounds. If you want to read the post I wrote you can do so here.

Unfortunately I have bad new. I have not lost any more weight. It is not because this product doesn't work because it does but like anything else to lose weight you do have to workout but unfortunately my back was very bad for a few weeks from shoveling snow and then I got sick so I didn't do much working out other than shoveling snow.

Even though I do not have any Green Coffee Bean Extract left now that the weather is slowly getting nicer and warmer I will continue on my walks and I will start doing work outs again and I promised myself I will start eating healthier from now on and I will purchase some Green Coffee Bean Extract next time I get paid.

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