Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer memories

Summer is almost here (well hopefully we will get a summer this year) and every summer I remember summers of my childhood. 

Every year from May to September my family would pack up the car every Friday as soon as my parents were home from work we would drive up to the trailer for a weekend but sometimes once school was out for the summer we would stay a week. I loved it because I would see my summer friends and would also make new friends and always had tons of fun.

I was barely ever inside and on rainy days I hated being stuck indoors because I wanted to go play with my friends, go swimming, go play in the park,fishing or even go boating. I also loved BBQ-ed food and roasting marshmallows at the campfire. Yes summer was always so much fun and I do have many fond memories.

Here is a photo of me and a friend when I was very young.I am the one with dark curly hair.

Now that I am an adult I would really like to go camping and boating again.  I think last time I went camping I was 22 years old and it now has been almost 15 years since I have went and I do miss it but unfortunately my husband isn't into camping or boating but hopefully some day I will be able to convince him to go with me or maybe i should make it into a  weekend away with some of my female friends instead.

Speaking of boating, did you know that you need boating license in Canada? If you didn't know but would like more info click here. This might sounds stupid but I sure didn't know up until about a year ago.

What are your fondest memories of summer ? 

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