Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sadame 3DS Game Review

Warriors, prepare for battle! Rising Star Japan is proud to announce that its frenetically fun action-adventure RPG title, Sadame, is now available in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems for $14.99.

In Sadame  you fight against massive swaths of demonic enemies set against the backdrop of an alternate version of the “Warring States”, or Sengoku, period in Japanese history. You guide your chosen hero through dozens of stages, facing an onslaught of over twenty enormous bosses, collecting loot, enhancing your equipment, and levelling up with new abilities.

Game Features:

  • Four distinct types of hero – Samurai, Ninja, Monk or Rogue – allow players to experiment with a variety of gameplay styles.
  • Action mixes with deep RPG elements: new abilities, levelling up, equipment upgrades via enemy loot drops, and a massive skill tree to unlock.
  • Dozens of levels and over twenty bosses to test your heroes’ capabilities.
  • Customize your experience via weapons, upgrades and levelling, with certain events and encounters available only to certain heroes.
  • New difficulty levels unlock with successive playthroughs, while weapons and armor can be shared across multiple character files.
  • Collect heroes via StreetPass and then utilize them as a support NPC. Locally saved heroes can also be selected to support!


This is the kind of game I love to play so  I couldn't wait to play and review Sadame.

I am so happy with this game. It is fun and challenging. I played for a few hours on the first day I got it and I died a bunch of times but I loved every minutes of it. 

This is one game i know I will be playing again soon. 

The core combat can get a little repetitive but it is fun and graphics are decent for a 3DS game.

I recommend this game if you are into this kind of RPG games.

I give this game 4 out of 5

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