Monday, March 27, 2017

March 2017 The Black Coffee Co. Review

Are you a coffee drinker? I am and I do drink at least one strong cup of coffee every morning because it wakes me up and I can go on with my day. You don't know this but most of my reviews are written in the morning right as I am drinking a nice cup of coffee or right after. I just can not concentrate on anything before I have had a cup. My morning coffee usually is with no milk or sugar because I need the caffeine jolt to wake me up so I was excited to try out Black Coffee Club.

What is Black Coffee Club? 

The Black Coffee Co. is a monthly coffee subscription box that delivers coffee from a different region of the world every month. Each month you receive a 12-ounce whole bean bag.

When you sign up you pick which roast you want. They have Deadly Dark roast, Manic Medium roast, lawless Low roast and Rousted Roulette. If you just do one-time purchase it is $19.99USD (for Canadians price will be converted at checkout) and if you subscribe you end up saving 10%.

Shipping:  Canada and U.S.

I like dark roast coffee so I picked Deadly Dark roast. The bag of coffee beans that was shipping to those who ordered that one received this Costa Rican coffee.

Both my husband and I tasted this one on the weekend and we both enjoyed it very much. You can taste a hint of honey and lemon. It tastes a bit different than what I would usually buy but I do enjoy it.

If you like black coffee and you want to try different ones from around the world, I think you will love The Black Coffee Co. I highly recommend.

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