Friday, June 1, 2018

Chef's Plate #Review

*I purchased this with my own money *

A couple of weeks ago my husband was away for work for a month but my mother was going to stay with me for 2 weeks so I decided to try Chef's Plate.

It just happened that the week I picked Chef's Plate had partnered with MasterChef Canada and the winning meal for that week was going to be one you can pick on Chef's Plate.  I am a huge fan of MasterChef Canada and when I saw what the meal was I knew I just had to get it.

I will post the meals in a bit but first here is a little bit of info about Chef's Plate.  

Chef's Plate is a Canadian meal subscription service that delivers to Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Manitoba.

You can pick your own plan. They have 2 people plan and family (4 people) plan. You can pick 2 meals per week, 3 meals per week or 4 meals per week. You can also pick your own recipes or you can get them to pick for you.

Each ingredient is fresh.  

Your meals are delivered to your door in special insulated boxes to keep food fresh.

OK here is what I had ordered.  I will also have photos of each recipe and photos of my final product plus what I thought of both meals.

Note: I forgot to take photos of everything but I want to mention that everything is messured for you and they give you the right amount of everything so your meal will be perfect. Only thing I needed was oils but that is something I always have on hand anyway. 

Each meals are in their own paper bags so it is very easy to get everything ready for your meal. The meats are in a more insulated area under those bags to keep it fresh.

Sticky Soy Glazed Chicken with ginger rice and miso stir-fry beans

In the photo, it doesn't look like much but it was a good portion that filled me up. I do have big square plates so it looks like there isn't much food. 

This meal was very good. It was very flavourful.  Both my mom and I liked it and I know I will be making this meal again in the near future. 

Stuffed pork with crisp potatoes, Brussel's sprouts and a baby green salad

OMG!!  Both my mom and I absolutely loved this meal. it was so darn good and flavourful.

 After we were done we both said this one we will be making again and again in the future. 
I kept the recipe card for this one and I sent my mom a copy of it so that she can make it at home later. 

We were both full after this one. 

Would I recommend Chef's Plate?  Oh heck yes I do.  I have tried a few other meal boxes and so far with all the meals I have tried I found Chef's Plate the most flavourful one and I find it has more meals that I want to make. The portions are perfect and I found the price to be decent.

I already ordered my second box and I can't wait to try my 2 meals I picked.

If you want to try Chef's Plate use my affiliate link you get 3 free plates.

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