Friday, November 23, 2018

Earn 500 SB from a single survey!

For those of you who don't know, is the leading destination for users who want to make money or get free gift cards online and get cash back on purchases. You can make money by doing things you already do online anyways like searching the web, watching videos, and answering surveys. You can also get cash back for purchases made through our site or apps, such as the SB Answer App. Use my sign up link here to join Swagbucks today!

Also, some exciting news for Toronto residents! Swagbucks currently has a new special promo running in Toronto that offers 500 SB (that's equivalent to $5) from a single survey! All you have to do is visit the Eaton Centre with your Location enabled SB Answer app and complete a survey about your experience!
It's all part of a new program they've launched called Local Missions!

What are Local Missions?
Local missions are surveys based on a place you’ve visited or a purchase you’ve made at a local store.

How do I get invited or find out about a local mission?
1- Get the Swagbucks Answer app, available for iOS and Android.
2- Enable Location sharing – this feature turns on surveys when you visit a location that has a hidden mission.
3- Turn on notifications so you can get a mission alert. Let’s say you are standing in line at Tim Horton’s for your morning coffee and that is one of our local mission spots. Your phone will notify you and link you directly to the App where you can complete your survey and earn SB.

What do I earn?
Payouts vary by mission difficulty. Currently, we have missions paying upwards of $5.
Will I get disqualified?
Typically, local mission surveys don’t have restrictions other than your presence in a certain location. Some may require a purchase so you can rate your experience or the service you got. It could be about the food at a restaurant or the expertise of a salesperson helping you or just how clean and organized the store was. Every local mission has a limited number of invitations, so you can’t waste time.

Attention: Members in the Toronto Area, visit CF’s Eaton Centre for a local mission worth 500 SB.

Attention: Members nationwide, we have a new mission coming soon at a gas station near you!
Get ready and happy hunting!

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