Thursday, October 31, 2019

2019 Gift Idea

hello everyone,

It is the time of year where you try to find perfect holiday gifts for loved ones but we all have one or more family members or friends. If you have been a follower of my blog you will know that every year I write up posts to help you with gift ideas. I know purchasing gifts can end up stressful. I am good at finding gifts for everyone but sometimes it can still be hard when you have someone on your list that has everything or keeps saying they don't need anything. Sometimes jewellery is a good idea, especially ones that are engraved or have a photo in it.

Here are a few suggestions for you:

If you are dating someone for a while you can always give him or her promise rings cheap or maybe a monogram bracelet. 

Looking for something for your mom or grandmother or an aunt/uncle or your husband/wife? You know sometimes older family members are hard to shop for. I never have any problems finding what to get for the children in my family but I sometimes have a hard time finding something for my mom or my brother and sisters.
Sometimes we buy gift cards for those family or friends who are hard to shop for but why not get them something more from the heart. Maybe you can give your husband or your father a photo dog tag or a photo necklace to your wife or mom instead of a gift card? Check out this page  You can give grandma a necklace that has a photo of her grand-children. You can even buy a necklace with a photo of a beloved cat or dog for a friend! I am a dog lover and receiving a necklace or keychain with a photo of my cute and sweet little dog would just be the perfect gift.

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