Monday, March 30, 2020

Exciting Online Technology Giveaways

It goes without saying that technology is a necessary part of life now. Many of us are glued to our phones or computers all day long — it’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when these electronic items weren’t part of our daily lives.

As much as it’s a huge way of how we communicate, learn, and work, the fact remains that technology is expensive. However, you can find all of the technology you need without spending a cent.

Many people don’t realize that there are online contests accessible to you 24-7, including free Canadian phone giveaways and other exciting tech offers. New and incredible offers appear online every single day, giving people the opportunity to win big.

Online contests are great because all you have to do is fill out an easy form, submit it, and potentially win a rewarding prize! What do you have to lose?

Read on to discover these recent online technology giveaways.

The Atticat Insulation 2020 Review iPhone XS Contest

If you have recently finished an insulation project using Owens Corning Atticat products, you have a chance to win a brand new Apple iPhone XS 64GB in silver. Every month until the end of June n2020 a lucky winner will be chosen. All you have to do is submit a very short review on the Atticat website about your recent experience working with the product. Enter your email address to be considered for the draw, and you could win a new iPhone.

The iPhone XS is truly unlike any previous smartphone experience — there’s more power, more screen size, and stellar photography. It has a beautiful 5.8” Super Retina display and generates an HDR display that gives incredible colour accuracy and vivid contrast and brightness. Your phone will be unlocked to use on any network.

You might want to consider a small home renovation project just so you can enter this exciting contest!

The Source’s Instagram Contest: A $500 Gift Card

This might be the easiest $500 gift card ever won. The Source is everyone’s go-to for electronic gadgets. They asked people what they would do if they had an extra $500 to spend on their “ultimate start-up.”

All contestants had to do was follow their Instagram account, leave a comment on the appropriate post, tag a friend, and leave a comment outlining what they would buy for a dream start-up tech business.

The Source regularly runs exciting contests with cool technology prizes. Be sure to follow them to see what’s up next!

The Best Buy Blog

For ongoing tech contests, check out Best Buy’s blog. The electronics retailer offers great deals to online readers including the newest gadgets, games, and gift cards. It also features informative reads on the latest tech trends and reviews.

Check it out to see what they’re offering this month!

Technology is all around us, all of the time. However, most of us can’t afford the hottest and latest models because they usually cost in the thousands of dollars.

With a little help from online contests, however, you can be part of all the latest tech trends.

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