Monday, November 1, 2021

Fall Adagio Teas

I can't believe that Autumn is finally here. Even with all the has been going on in the world I have found that 2021 has just flown by so far.

It doesn't help that early this month it was actually warm here in my little city and I actually had the windows open and yes it was warm enough that I actually had the fan going on in the bedroom at night because it was so warm but unfortunately for the past 2 weeks now it has been cold.

What is your favourite thing to do about Autumn? As for me, I do love seeing all the pretty colours. I am not a big outdoors person other than sitting on the patio and I hate being cold so my favourite thing to do in autumn is sit in a big comfy chair or on the sofa with a warm blanket on my lap while I watch tv or play video games or just read and drink a nice hot cup of tea.

I recently got the chance to try some loose tea from Adagio Teas.

I have tried the Autumn teas sampler. That one comes with Autumn Mist Green, bonfire, pumpkin spice and honeysuckle pumpkin chai. I wasn't a huge fan of bonfire but I loved everything else.

I also got the chance to try the chai teas sampler. This one you get chai tea/masala chai. It comes with thai chai, spiced apple chai, chocolate chai and masala chai. I am liked all of the teas in this sampler but ofcourse my favourite was the chocolate chai.

Also, I just wanted to point out that Adagio Teas also have some great teaware. They have some nice double-walled infuser mugs. There are quite a few that I would love to have but unfortunately, we do not have enough room for all the ones I want.  But this one is a really nice one for the fall:

If you are a tea drinker I do recommend Adagio Teas. They do have something for everyone. 

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