Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nabob Breakfast Blend

I got this from BzzAgent about a week ago. I decided to give it a try a few times before i did my review.

I tried the Nabob Breakfast Blend and the Full City Metropolis. I made the Full City Metropolis the way it said on the can but it was strong so I made it again and this time I used half of the reconmended amount. It was much better  . I also made the Breakfast Blend with half of the recommended amount.  Breakfast Blend tastes tangier than the usually brand I buy but it was still very good. Great start for the day.

If the price wasn't an issue I would definately buy  Nabob coffee.It has great taste and I would recommend did you coffee lovers.

A little information on the company 

Nabob is now Rainforest Alliance Certified, with at least 30% of their 100% Arabica coffee beans meeting the alliance’s standards for environmental, social and economic standards.  By 2009 they aim to have 60% of their beans produced on certified farms, moving to 100% within the next few years.  To my knowledge, they are the only major coffee company to take this pioneering step.  Many smaller, micro coffee companies have long been dedicated to sustainability in the environmental and social spheres, and I must congratulate Nabob on taking this step.

Nabob coffee is available in Canadian supermarkets nationwide, and costs approximately $5.29 for a 326 gram container and $11.49 for 930 grams.


  1. Nabob is on sale this week at Safeway 2 for $6.oo limit of four. With the $1.00 off coupons that came with the bzz package you can get four for $8.00. :-)

  2. ohhh... i think I will be going out to Safeway to stock up then LOL.