Monday, April 19, 2010

NKOTB Coming Home

I pre-ordered this and got it a week after it came out. Unfortunately I had not had the time to watch it until today.I really wasn't going to review this but as I was watching it I decided to do a review.

I do not usually like these kind of movies so I was a little scared of buying it but since I have been a big fan of theirs since the 80's I decided  why not.  I do not regret buying it one at all. It is awesome and as I watched it it brought back memories from back when i was a teenage, listening to their music and going to their concert and also memories from the concert I went to in April 2009 in Victoria,BC.  I loved the guys talking about the concerts, cruise and such . I very much enjoyed it. What is there not to love?? It is NKOTB!!   

If you are a New Kids On The Block fan (past, present or future) you so totally buy this video .

I know there isn't much chance that the guy will be reading this but what the heck...   
Thank you very much for all the great music and for reuniting 15 years later and for making me feel like a giddy school girl all over again ;) 

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