Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We are moving

I don't remember if I ever posted about our move on this blog. My fiance is in the military and  we found out that he is being posted to Kingston,Ontario Canada. We have bought a house out there and the day we get our keys is June 30th.
The movers will be at our current house on June 17th and on June 18th or 19th we start driving  from Victoria,BC to Kingston,Ontario. It should take us about 7 days.

Because of the move I have had to declined 2  offers to do reviews this week because from June 17th up until we move into our new house we will not have an address . Only way I could accept is if I know I will receive the product to review before the move..We don't have a clue when our stuff will be delivered to our new house.

I am bringing my laptop with me so if there is WiFi in the hotels we stay in I will be still take an hour to check my emails and check the blogs.

Once we have moved and all unpacked then I will be able to relax and do more reviews.


  1. If you want do do reviews to keep normal while hotel living you can use my address for shipments.

  2. We are hoping our stuff will get in Kingston before July 1st . I mean the moving company will have 10 days from out here to Kingston so it really should give them plenty of time. I don't know if the movers are going to be working on July 1st.

    We will be doing the change of address/hold mail thing

  3. I will keep my fingers crossed that your stuff arrives early. Let me know if you want to come downtown with us on Canada Day.

  4. will let you know.
    I don't know if James wants to do anything. He is not big on stuff like that

  5. I have a question, how do you find, or how do companies find you to review items? I have seen a lot of other bloggers doing product reviews and giveaways and I was wondering how they get the offers. I would eventually like to do that myself.

    Good luck on your move!