Saturday, May 29, 2010

Having one of those days

Ever had one of those days where you seem to lost your mind?  Well I am having one of those days today. 

This morning I got out of bed at 9 AM and I really didn't want to get out of bed at all because like I said in my previous post, I have not had the greatest night sleep. It was one of those nights where you just keep waking up for no reason at all and then have problems falling back to sleep. Not really a big deal but I hadn't have good sleep the night before either.  

Anyways, I had cleaning to do but I cut that short because I had no energy and then the cleaning product I was using gave me a huge headache. I also did a few loads of laundry and my last load was our comforter. Now here is the funny thing.. I was sure I had turn the washer on but one hour after I went to check but the light on our washer was off and the comforter was still dry!!!  So here I was swearing up a storm because I was going to go take a nap right after the comforter was in the dryer. An other thing, I do not remember if I had put detergent in the washer so here I was trying to figure out if I put detergent or not. I ended up putting a little but in the washer just in case.

I can't wait for this day to be over and I sure am glad James is going to bring food home tonight after work because I really do not trust myself at cooking tonight LMAO

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