Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just thought I would share

I just thought I would share pics of our new house. We took those pics during our House Hunting trip in May. It is an older home (around 34 years old), split level and it is actually in good shape. We do not have photos of the livingroom, the bathroom or one of the bedrooms. James (my fiance) neglected to take pics of those rooms.

                                                              The front of the house

                                                          The back of the house.
There is a sliding door in the master bedroom that goes until the back porch. We were thinking of using the master bedroom as my office instead so that if we have company over and have a BBQ company wouldn't have to go walk into the bedroom to go out on the back porch but unfortunately the other 2 bedrooms are small and our queen size bed wouldn't fit in the other bedrooms:(

                               The family room in the basement.
 I am not really liking the pink walls so I am thinking it will have to be painted as soon as we can.

                                 Family room in basement again (the other end of it)
The current owners of the house a leaving us that desk and that will be James' "office".Again pink walls (and wood panelling.

                                               Crawl space in the basement.

I really hate that ugly 70's (ish) wallpaper and I really want to get rid of it as soon as we can. Flooring I can live with (for now) so it can wait. The cupboards and counter (not shown) are origional from the house.Still in good condition but I would love to get new ones.

                                                       One of the bedrooms

It isn't so bad really  but might still repaint (eventually). Haven't decided yet if I will use this room as my "office" or the other small bedroom. Sorry no photos of the other small bedroom.

Master bedroom
I absolutely HATE the pink walls and this room will be repainted as soon as we can.

So there you have it. Some photos of our new house. I am hoping I will be able to take better photos of the house before we move all our things in it. If I do I will make sure to post them in my blog . 
As you all can see we will have some work to do on the house. Nothing really big, just some painting and also we want to get a new hot water tank because it looks like it is pretty old (according to the house inspector the hot water tank is more than 20 years old).Also eventually I would love to get rid of the carpet and have hardwood floor installed and also have the kitchen and bathroom updated but those things can wait.


  1. Nice house once you get past the cosmetic things (*cough* pink walls *cough*). The previous owners really had a thing for pink huh? The only room you showed that was decent was the green room.

  2. the green room isn't so bad no..I do not mind it

  3. oh and I forgot to add the hallway is the same pink too.
    I do not like pink