Monday, June 14, 2010

Tomorrow morning we are disconnecting our modem so I will not have the internet until we get to a hotel on Wednesday (after dinner).

Thursday is the day the movers come to get our stuff but we are staying out here (Victoria,BC) until Saturday morning. It will take us about 9 days to get to our new city (Kingston,Ontario)  and we do not have any reservations at any hotels so we do not know if and when I will be able to go online again. Sure most hotels these days have Wifi but you never know right? Some hotel from what I have found out so not have it but hopefully I will be able to at least go online every second day.

If I get the chance I might write reviews on hotels we stayed at and restaurants we ate at.


  1. The move must be so hard on you. It's never easy to leave one's friends and family behind and start anew. I wish the best of luck.

  2. yes this move is hard on me.The one from east coast to west coast was no big deal to me even though all my family is on east coast but west coast to east is very hard on me