Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lack of sleep

Last night I did go to bed at a decent time (10PM) but unfortunately I was tossing and turning for a good part of the night. I did get a bit of sleep but I woke up at 4:15 AM as per usual to go to the bathroom and then I just couldn't fall back to sleep. I stayed in bed until 6 AM then decided to get up since it was wide awake.

I have noticed that since we have moved here (Victoria,BC) that I have not been sleeping as much as I used to.
Usually in the winter I would "hibernate". I mean I would end up falling asleep watching tv even before 6pm and/or I would just go to bed early. Since we have moved here 4 years ago I have had many sleepless nights, even in the winter. I find snow is much more depressing than warmer rainy winter months of the west coast.

Well, this winter I will see if I will be back in "hibernation" mode since we will be back out in Ontario.


  1. I hear you on the lack of sleep thing. I just downloaded an app to my iPod Touch called Daily Tracker - you can customize it for your To-Do list, track your sleep, mood, whatever you want! So far, I'm loving it and I've only got the free version, right now.

    Speaking of sleep...it's time for bed for me!

  2. I understand how that is. Sometimes I go to bed at 10, don't fall asleep until 12 and jsut can't get back to sleep if I wake up too early. Sighhh. I hate it.

    Following you from Social Parade. :) Better late than never!! I hope you can stop by my blog and follow as well.


  3. I can relate to the lack of sleep. My kids don't let me get much uninterrupted sleep these days. :) Found you on Better your Blog and following now. :)

  4. I am thinking my lack of sleep lately is because of our big move. Even though we have already lived out in that city 4 years ago it has changed a lot and most people I used to know out there have moved away. Plus this time we will be living in a house that we bought instead of the usual renting.