Tuesday, June 22, 2010

our road trip so far

For the past 3 days we have been driving and we are all pretty much sick of the trip.

Saturday was the day we started. We had a late start that morning because we had went to bed pretty late the night before. We had to take the ferry out of Victoria,BC to Vancouver,BC then started driving. Drove in the mountains and it started to rain. Let me tell you that wasn't very fun at all.

Sunday we had more driving through the mountains to do.. Again in rain in some parts.  By 6 pm we decided to stop and get a hotel.Tried three hotels and finally found a place that allows cats.

Monday we drove to the prairies.Ended up driving for 3 hours more than we should have because there was a flood in a town and on the highway we were taking. By the time we got into a town we were so tired and ended up staying in the weirdest hotel room ever. Weird I mean as in the toilet and bath were in a bathroom but the bathroom sink was basically in a opened closet on the other side of the hallway. But we didn't care since we were only going to be staying there one night.

Today we drove a little less  and it rained yet again .We stopped at 3:45 pm .Got a room at the Comfort Inn then went to get something to eat then we drove around town to look for a place we can do at least one load of laundry. 

We have 6 more days of driving before we get to Kingston,Ontario but unfortunately the movers will not be at our new house until at least the 5th Of July (that is the day we have been told).

I am already tired of living in hotel rooms. Can't wait to finally be in our new home and finally be able to relax.

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