Thursday, August 12, 2010

not happy with our mower

This morning I wanted to mow the lawn. We have one of those cordless battery lawn mowers from Canadian Tire. I think we got it maybe 4 years ago.

Anyways I mowed the lawn and about halfway through the backyard the battery completely died on me. Our backyard isn't really that big either. Now the lawn looks funny and it will take an other 12 hours or so to charge up the darn thing so I will have to do the rest tomorrow morning. I did use our cheap push mower a bit too and after my legs, arm and back are all killing me.

I have tried looking for a pic of our lawnmower online but I couldn't find any but I did find tons of complaints about it. We really do research on stuff before we buy them but at the time we really needed a mower.

Oh I forgot to add that we also bought an other battery for it about 3 years ago but the one that came with it died and wouldn't charge up anymore. Those batteries aren't cheap either. At the time it cost $99 plus tax.

If anyone are even thinking of buying those Yardworks 24 V mower I would suggest you don't. They are not worth the money.

1 comment:

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    Thank you so much!

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