Sunday, October 24, 2010

My weekend

Yesterday we brought Azrael (our puppy) over to a friend's house for a "puppy sleepover" because we were going out of town for a few hours.

We went to Ottawa,Ontario Canada to ScotiaBank Place to go see a hockey game.It was Ottawa Senators versus the Montreal Canadians . My team played horribly but at least my fiance and I had fun and it was our early Christmas gift to each other.

I also got a t-shirt with my Alfredsson and 11 writen on the back of it (my favorite player and his number) and also got a pink jersey.


  1. the pink jersey's are super cute! I bought my daughter the pink hoodie for Christmas last year and still love it on her!

    Go Sens Go!!!

  2. yes the pink Sens stuff are pretty cute but wait until I post an other photo in a bit.. This one is extra super cute lol