Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Angelicare Spider Vein Treatment System review

Product Description

PITTSBURGH…InventHelp-Intromark announces Angelicare™ Spider Vein Treatment System, a product that helps spider veins disappear in the comfort of one’s home. 
The system includes Angelicare™ Ultra Nutricreme, the Angelicare™ Heat and Massage Skin Stimulator, and a guide to supplements. 
             Angelicare™ Ultra Nutricreme contains essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required for healthy skin. It also contains emu oil to sooth the skin from abrasion. Elastin and collagen, natural building blocks, are added to help firm both the dermal and epidermal layers of skin.
 After Angelicare™ Ultra Nutricreme is applied, the Angelicare™ Heat and Massage Skin Stimulator is utilized upon the target area. The heat helps with the deep penetration of the cream and stimulates the blood flow, bringing needed nutrients to the area.
 The informational and inspirational pamphlet, “The Proper Way to Heal Thyself” is also included and is an informative guide to nourishing the skin. This information complements the Angelicare™ process and offers hints towards achieving health and total well being.
 “For several years, I have been trying to rid myself of pesky spider veins,” said P. Maynard of Chelsea, Mass. “I tried creams and saline shots, and was skeptical that anything would work. I’ve finally seen results with the Angelicare™ system.”

The Angelicare™ Spider Vein Treatment System Kit includes two, 2-ounce jars of Ultra Nutricreme, the Angelicare™ Skin Stimulator, and “The Proper Way to Heal Thyself.” Suggested retail price is $99.95 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.

Angelicare™ is available in catalogs and online at www.InventHelpStore.com. or call Intromark directly at  1-800-851-603

My Review
 I was a little skeptical about this product when I read about it but now I am not anymore.  After a weekend using this product twice per days  I have noticed a tiny bit of difference .The Skin Stimulator massages and it feels oh so good after a long day.  If you have spider veins I definitely recommend this product.

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