Thursday, February 3, 2011

Illumination – How One Woman Made Light of the Darkness by Sophia Van Buren

On Sophia van Buren’s 14th wedding anniversary, the police come knocking on her front door. The news they bring about her husband triggers a revelation that instantly causes Sophia’s suburban life to collapse. It destroys one world, but creates another and will ignite something within her, forcing the woman buried under years of diapers and coupons to emerge.

Illumination is not a bitter lament. It’s a modern mother’s odyssey – a quest for hope, levity, and the courage to follow one’s inner light through dark times. Sophia does find hope, but first she must overcome the shadows cast by those conditioned to judge. Ultimately, Illumination is a story of rebirth and true love that begins where Sophia’s previous world ends.

My Review 
First off I want to say this book is well written. Unfortunately it is just not my cup of tea.I got bored with it and I really feel horrible for giving low rating because all other reviews I read as giving this high rating.

I give this 3 out of 5

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