Friday, February 18, 2011

Ten Good Reasons To Lie About Your Age by Stephanie Zia (ebook review)

When Sally Lightfoot’s music producer husband is suddenly killed in an accident, Sally has to put her life back together from scratch. But what life? Her kids have grown up and now she’s no longer a wife. Or a business partner and backing singer. Or even a caterer to the endless turnover of rock bands passing through Strawberry Hill Studios’ kitchen. To make matters worse her caring but interfering neighbour, Val, appoints herself Principal Grieving Companion. After sharing several decades with a much-loved but powerful partner and refereeing 2 children with very different personalities, harmonizing and blending in become Sally’s undoing.
One year on and, realizing the dangers of her growing passion for Gardener’s Question Time and cosy nights in with Sudoku and the telly, Sally determines to follow the ten point action plan in her self-help book How to Win as a Widow. She reconnects with her old friend, feisty ex backing singer mate, Ramone, who sexes up Sally’s list considerably. Sally must get out there again and lose her wididity, her born-again virginity, Ramone insists, before it’s too late. The idea only makes Sally miss her irreplaceable husband even more. But, as Sally struggles to cope with travelling alone on a (long overdue) holiday to the Greek island of Hydra, she falls idiotically but passionately in lust with a Leonard Cohen tribute singer. They’re both around 50 and get along famously but he only has eyes for the girls and doesn’t, she knows, see her ‘in that way’. Her challenge is to stand up for herself and ask for what she wants. But can she fulfill Ramone’s wididity challenge? Or would she simply be making the biggest fool of herself ever? What is the coolest, most sensible choice? To live the rest of her life safely and gracefully or to take a spirited stab at life back in the fast lane by chancing the dangerously disgraceful route?

My Review 
This was a awesome read. It is well written,highly entertaining and with some funny parts. I was really in need of reading a book like this last night and this morning. If you are looking for a awesome chic lit book then I highly recommend this one.

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I give this a 5 out of 5 
 *I have received a free copy of this ebook for my honest review.*

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