Monday, March 28, 2011

Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete Second Season

Synopsis:  American spy Lee Stetson and his housewife sidekick Mrs. Amanda King are really going places in Season Two, fighting the Cold War in London, Munich, Salzburg and the Caribbean! Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner again play the mismatched operatives, mixing laughs, intrigue and battle-of-the-sexes verbal jabs in this collection of 23 Episodes on 5 DVDs. Amanda is targeted by a white-slavery ring. Lee and his mentor, dithery Lady Emily Farnsworth, hunt for stolen plans for a top-secret plane. Amanda is the other woman in a headline-grabbing sex scandal. And Mrs. King becomes Mrs. Scarecrow on a romantic wedding cruise, complete with veil, vows and smooch at the altar – all in the line of duty, of course!

Own it on DVD  March 22nd


My Review 
I must admit I had never seen this show before but I have heard about it.
I wasn't expecting much about this one but I actually got hooked on this series. Yes it is cheesy like most 80's tv shows but I really did enjoy it. One day I actually sat and watched 2 discs. This tv show on DVD doesn't have any bonus features but I didn't expect there to be any anyways. 

If you were a fan back in the 80's I really think this is a must buy.


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