Monday, June 13, 2011

Blood For Love (Volume 1) by Chris M. Finkelstein (book review)

This is the story of the life of Jan, a gifted male D’otian living on a violent, predatory planet. His mother Martha is part of a love-preservation network, outlawed by a world in which love is punished by DeathBT.

When the underground network attempts a daring escape into the poisoned wildlands, they inadvertently cause a catastrophic explosion.

The explosion draws the instant wrath of the now doomed NOV, the only remaining nation on D’ot. The escapees take off into the wildlands, with stolen vaccines that they need to survive out there. The wildlands are aptly named.

Jan is guided to a five thousand year old hidden temple, which holds treasures and knowledge never before seen. The escapees begin to hope for a brave new world of peace and freedom, but the NOV continues to haunt Jan’s dreams.

Can the reptilian humanoids overcome their violent nature?

What will they do with freedom?

Can they control what they have found
in the hidden temple?


 I thought this wasn't going to be a book I would like because I do like science fiction but I am super picky but I was very much hooked on this story and just couldn't put it down at all. 
I will be picking up for volume  2 as soon as it is out  . If you are into science fiction you will just love this book .

If you are interested in purchasing this book you can buy paperback of this here and you can buy ebook version here .

I give this 4 out of 5 

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