Sunday, July 3, 2011

My weekend

WOW! What a weekend!
Friday was actually the most relaxing day of the weekend. It was Canada Day but we decided to just spend it relaxing . First we went out for breakfast then we went out to buy some diapers to give to one of my sisters. We also bought some other stuff that we would need for our road trip. When we got home we put everything away then I gave the dog a bath. We sat outside for an hour or so after the bath then we all went for a nice nap in bed. This was the very first time the dog actually slept in the bed with us. After that we watched some Buffy for the 2 hours then played some video games.

Saturday morning I got out of bed a 6 AM (but was wide awake for about 15 minutes before). I took a shower, took dog for a quick walk and did a bit of stuff on my laptop then at 9:30am my hubby, the dog and I all got into the car and went on a road trip to Ottawa,Ontario. It is only a little over 2 hours from out little city but it was the very first time we took the dog on a roadtrip and we were a little worried how he would react. He was actually very good.  
Once in Ottawa we went straight to my parents' place for a nice visit. I hadn't seen my parents, my youngest sister, her daughter and my brother in a year.  In the afternoon we went downtown to the Apple Store and hubby got a iPad2 then we walked around a bit and headed back to my parents' place. By the time we got back home it was past 10pm and I was very tired and sore.

Today we have to go to the grocery store then once it is done and everything put away we can relax.

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