Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Wayfinder by Darcy Pattison


    Young Winchal Eldras is a Wayfinder, one of the gifted few of G'il
    Rim who have the ability to locate anything: a lost ring, the way
    home, a blue dress in the marketplace, a lost child. "Finding" is a
    valuable talent in this city that sits dangerously close to the
    Rift, a mysterious, unexplored chasm. When the Rift claims his
    little sister in a bizarre accident, though, Win is reduced to a
    Wayfinder who's lost his way.


    But suddenly there's no time for grief—the plague has come to the
    Heartland. And only healing water from the Well of Life, on the
    other side of the Rift, can stop it. A prophecy commands that Win
    must make the terrible journey to seek the Well. But no one has ever
    braved the dangers of the Rift and returned to tell about it! To
    make matters worse, Win suddenly has a traveling companion in Lady
    Kala, a prized-and royally stubborn—Tazi hound with a few gifts of
    her own. A Wayfinder with no direction can't possibly manage this
    imperious creature from the King's kennels, much less save a
    civilization on the edge of destruction.


    Or can he? 
 I thought it was very well written and I was hooked on this book.
I think young and old will love this one.It is a fast pace which keeps you reading until the very end.  I highly recommend this book.
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I give this 4 out of 5 

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