Monday, April 9, 2012

Warner Archive Shazzan: The Complete Series on dvd

When two adventurous, twin teenagers, Chuck and Nancy, recombine the halves of a mysterious ring, they are instantly transported to ancient Egypt…as masters of an all-powerful genie named Shazzan.

Now, with the help of the mighty Shazzan, the twins seek the wizard who lives “behind the beyond,” the only person able to help them return home. But even as the teenagers pursue their quest, every evil sorcerer in the desert kingdom desires the twins’ magic ring and will stop at nothing to gain the power it grants over Shazzan.

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I don't think I have ever seen this cartoon when I was a child but I had heard of it. I watched this DVD yesterday and I thought it was good. A little cheesy (like any other old cartoons) but still pretty good.I will be watching this again at some point for sure. This is one for all ages to enjoy. I highly recommend this DVD.

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