Monday, April 16, 2012

While You Were Dead by CJ Snyder eBook review

Lies have consequences…

Twelve years ago, Max Clayton had no choices. Honor bound to hunt a traitor, the government declared him dead to the outside world. He completed his mission, but lost the only woman he ever loved and a child he never knew existed.

And so does breaking a woman’s heart…

Max was her life, her very heartbeat. After his death, alone and haunted by a dangerous past, Kat Jannsen made the ultimate sacrifice to keep their daughter safe.

When Kat discovers Max is alive her carefully constructed jigsaw puzzle life is torn to pieces. But an old enemy has been watching…waiting to strike. As the danger mounts, she has nowhere to turn but to

Max. She can trust him with her life, but does she dare trust him with her heart?


I very much enjoyed this book. I read it yesterday which was a rainy Sunday evening and I had nothing else to do so I started reading this. Good thing I didn't have anything else to do because I could not put this one down. This book is very well written and it got me hooked from the very beginning. I have not read any other CJ Snyder's book but I plan to do so in the future.I highly recommend this.

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I give this 5 out of 5

*I have received a free copy of this in ebook format for my honest review.*

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  1. I read this book also and couldn't put it down. It was a fantastic mystery with great romance. I suggest you read the next one in the series, its just as great