Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ship to Shore by Elizabeth Krall eBook review

Storms at sea and heartbreak on land. Betrayal and frustration. A forbidden journal. Oh, and bagpipes.

This ‘ship to shore’ love story follows Sally and Dermid, who meet on a tall ship sailing across the Atlantic. Sally is drawn to Dermid, despite what she considers to be his unfortunate passion for bagpipes, but their brief romance ends badly. Very badly.

They are given a second chance when Sally accepts a job assignment on a remote Scottish island. The fact that Dermid is on a nearby island has nothing to do with it. Or so she says.

But when Sally’s assignment is over, will she leave? Or will she find the courage to build a life with Dermid?

And could she ever learn to love the bagpipes?

Set against the tempestuous North Atlantic and the windswept beauty of the Hebrides, this is a wryly humorous story of two people who must learn to trust their feelings, and to trust each other.


I absolutely love this book. Very well written and you can very much imagine the entire story and Sally and Dermid. I was only going to read a few pages and read more in the morning but I couldn't put this book down and ended up going to bed later than I had planned but that is ok since I didn't have anything important to do the next day. I recommend this book.

I give this 5 out of 5

You can purchase this book at and smashwords.

*I have received a free copy of this in ebook format for my honest review.*

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