Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad PS3 game review

In Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, players race four-wheeled, 800-horsepower offroad race trucks with tons of options, as well as a wide load-out of vehicle classes including Rally Cars, Pro Buggies and Pro Lite Trucks. Eight-player multiplayer boasts dynamic interactions between all competing vehicles so players can see and feel the impact of mid-race collisions. Career mode follows Jeremy’s bid for the Pro2 championship within the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Utilizing 2XL Games' XLR8 engine, Jeremy McGrath Offroad takes place inside a persistent game world that presents challenge after challenge at 60 frames per second in crispy 1080p.

Retail Graphics and Presentation at a Digital Price: With a crisp, full 1080p HD presentation, 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound all delivered at a buttery smooth 60 FPS, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad offers a level of audio and video immersion typical of AAA racing titles but at a fraction of the price.

Upgrade Your Rig: More than just an arcade racer, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad features some deep RPG elements as well with four categories of vehicular upgrades and an experience-based leveling system. Take names on the course to improve your rig to fit your exact needs and driving style!

Prove Your Prowess: Take the race to your friends with up to eight other racers online – secure bragging rights with real-time statistics tracking and deep online leaderboards.

Dynamic Environments: Environmental obstacles, such as breakable fences, falling trees, massive rock slides and more, you’ll have to be quick with your thumbs to avoid disaster on the tracks.

Name Recognition: Featuring arguably the sport’s most well-known champion, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad is the definitive offroad title and the only game featuring seven-time Supercross champion Jeremy McGrath.

Official Licenses: Put the pedal to the metal with fully-licensed vehicles, including rally cars, spotsman VW buggies, trophy trucks and more!

You can get this game from PSN, XBLA and it is only $9.99 (800 MSPoints)


I don't play racing games often but Jeremy McGrath's Offroad I did enjoy playing . I like the graphics and the sound. I had the volume control on our sound system pretty low but you can still hear everything very well ofcourse it is being sold at a good price. I mean not many good new games are only $9.99.

Now the bad... unfortunately there are only six tracks in all and there isn't much variations in vehicles.

Personally I like this game even with just the few tracks because I don't play racing games much  but if you play a lot of racing games then you might not enjoy this because of the lack of tracks and vehicles you might now like this game.  But really for $9.99 I think it is good.

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  1. I agree with the author. This is a fun game and well worth the $10 price.

  2. I agree with the author. This is a fun game and well worth the $10 price.