Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greenies SmartBites cat treats review

We received:
1 Chicken flavour Healthy Skin & Fur
1 Chicken flavour Hairball Control
1 Salmon flavour Digestive Care
1 Salmon flavour Healthy Skin & Fun
1 Tuna flavour Hairball Control

We received a box with 5 packs of Feline Greenies SmartBites. As soon as I brought the box in the dog and the cat were both sniffing the box. Once it was opened I opened one of the packs and gave a few treats to Meeloo and she just absolutely loved these. I am very surprise because we never get her anything but her usual brand so I was a little worried she wouldn't like these but she absolutely love them.Now it is at the point every time I go in the kitchen to the cupboard her treats are in she comes over and start meowing like crazy until I get her a Feline Greenies SmartBites. Looks like these treats are now her favourites. These are a little more expensive than our usual brand but not by much so I think they are worth it

You get 3 options
- Digestive care
- Hairball control
- Healthy skin & fur
And you get 3 options in flavours:  Chicken, Tuna and salmon
According to their website I can give Meeloo up to 26 treats but ofcourse I never give her that many. Usually 5 is the limit I give her but I am glad I can give her more of these if I wanted to. I also like the fact that Greenies Smartbites all contain natural ingredients.

About The Nutro Company:

The Nutro Company is a leading manufacturer of natural pet food products sold exclusively at pet specialty stores. The company has been making “The World’s Best Pet Food” for more than 80 years and is dedicated to quality, excellence and innovation in dog and cat nutrition, offering healthful formulas for every pet’s life stage, activity level and size. The Nutro Company’s family of brands includes MAX®, NATURAL CHOICE® and ULTRA™ pet food brands in addition to the GREENIES® brands, which include the #1 Vet-Recommended Pet Specialty Dental Chews, PILL POCKETS® Treats and JointCare Treats. For more information, please visit www.nutro.com and www.greenies.com .


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