Thursday, August 16, 2012

Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets DVD review

Another round of justice has been served. Watch them battle villains and fight crime in a 2-disc 14 episode collection!

Back for another round, Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Artemis join forces to take down some of the universe's most dangerous foes. From India to Cadmus Labs, these super-powered sidekicks must think fast and use teamwork in their neverending fight against The Light. Join the team as they battle the likes of the ruthless assassin Cheshire, the Lord of Chaos Klarion, the brutally powerful Sportsmaster and the deceptive Parasite. In battles that test their loyalties and reveal hidden secrets, Young Justice must use their incredible crime-fighting powers to come together and defeat their toughest enemies yet!

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I have already reviewed Young Justice DVDs and I said I loved this series. I watched Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets this morning and I absolutely loved it. I think this is good for super heroes fans young and old so I recommend this for everyone who likes super-heroes cartoons but think this is great for kids who just started getting into super heroes.  We will watch Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets  for sure.

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