Friday, September 14, 2012

Litter Getter All Natural Litter Training Solution Review

Litter Getter  is an all-natural herb and plant mixture, and is designed to bring problem cats back to the litter box and assist with litter box training for kittens. Litter Getter was created and perfected through years trying to figure out how to help our cats. Litter Getter also helps neutralize ammonia-related odor by the inclusion of yucca extract.

Meeloo is 10 years old and for the past 2 years she has had the habit of doing her business beside her litter box instead of in it. I tried liner in her box but she refuses to go in it with the liner. I do clean her  litter box often so that is not why she will not use it and I really am getting frustrated with her. I was skeptical when I first heard about Litter Getter but I tried the Litter Getter and I am happy to say that it really works.I have been using it in her litter for over a week now and I happy to say she now does her duties in her litter box now.
To use it you just mix a quarter of a bottle of LitterGetter with 20-25 lbs of cat litter in an open and clean litter box. When you add more litter just add an additional 1.8th of a bottle. One bottle should last you for up to 3 months!
Check out LitterGetter's website for more information on purchasing this fantastic product or you can purchase at

I highly reccomed this product.
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