Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CSI Miami Heat Wave game review

Do you like to play social network games?  I admit  I can spend hours playing Facebook games and I have wasted hours playing them . Did you watch CSI Miami? I have seen a bunch of episodes but not all.
Anyways, I started playing this game for about 30 minutes and had the chance to level up a few times. The next day I went in to play it again but the game wouldn't work. I have tried a few times per day for a few days and still wouldn't work. I even tried in different browsers . I went in the game page to see what was going on and I noticed a few people were having the same problems. The developers posted ways to fix it and nothing worked for me. Not sure if it is a problem that occurs often but if it got me mad because I had to actually play and review the game and how can I review a game that didn't work for me. Fortunately it finally started working again this morning and I played it until my was out of energy in the game and I was able to play again in the afternoon.
This game is fun but it is a little too easy and the graphics aren't that great compared to other Facebook games I like to play so I don't think I will ever play this game ever again but if you like simple and easy games then you might like CSI Miami Heat Wave.
If you want to play this game here is the link.
Are you all a Twitter? Check out their hashtag #CleverCSI

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