Thursday, February 21, 2013

de-cluttering your DVDs,Blu-rays,CDs and video game library

Well Spring is soon coming and for some people it means spring cleaning.  You know that time of year where you de-clutter your house and throw out and/or donate your unwanted things.  

This year I have decided that I will  be going through all of our DVDs, Blu-rays and our video games because I have noticed we have doubles of some movies and we have some video games we will never play again. I can't believe how many DVDs Blu-rays, and video games we have bought during the past few years and honestly we do not have room for all of them.

Usually when I have DVDs or Blu-rays I do not want anymore I give them to one of my sisters or donate them but it would be great to make money for my old unwanted DVDs,Blu-rays,  CDs and video games especially since these days money is tight. There is a site that  you can sell your unwanted Dvds, Blu-rays, CDs and video games. Sure you could try to sell them at stores that buy used goods but if you have old xbox games or PS2 games  they might not even take them because they are old  but you can sell them online at It is super simple too. All you do is enter the barcodes from each of the DVDs, CDs and Games that you want to sell and their Valuation Engine will get you a instant price for them and the shipping is free. How cool is that? 

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