Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Time Tribe game review

The Time Tribe is the epic story of four kids who learn they are members of a secretive group called Time Tribe, which centers around a wily bird, a devious enemy, a mysterious manor house, a magical timekey, and a most peculiar elevator. The game is an episodic point-and-click adventure game that leads players through a virtual world filled with quirky characters, amazing artifacts, mysteries, puzzles, and minigames. E-comics and mini fiction round out the story, promising to keep players entertained and begging for more.
“We have been working on this project for years now and we’re so excited to bring it to the public,” said ThunderSnow founder, Karen Wehner. “Our game brings a unique blend of online adventure, offline play, and genuine engagement with history and the current state of humankind, while staying true to the gameplay practices we know kids love already, such as exploration, customization, and collection.”
The Time Tribe creates a perfect interactive adventure as it is based on real history and archaeology presented in a way that highlights the realities of everyday life, giving players tools for imagining their own roles on the great stage of human history. The free-to-play model provides users the option to expand their gameplay further, both online and in real life, with print mailings, toy collectibles and more.


The Time Tribe a fun free-to-play game that is fun and challenging that is rated E for Everyone. It has mini games that are challenging and the graphics are pretty decent.
If you have a child who loves this kind of game then I think they will love this game. 

I give this game 4 out of 5

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