Monday, May 26, 2014

May Kawaii Supplies Premium Box

I am one of those people who love trying out new and different tasty snacks so when Melissa at Canadian Mom Reviews asked me if I wanted to review some Japanese treats from Kawaii Supplies I had to just on the chance to do the review.

About Kawaii Supplies
Kawaii Supplies was established on February, 2014 with the hope of spreading our love of Japanese candy and snacks all across Canada and eventually the world. . They provide a subscription based package each month that contains a variety of Japanese snacks and candy that is shipped anywhere in Canada. All of their products come directly from Japan and are packaged in Canada. 

Subscription TypeMonthly Fee
Mystery Snack Pack A$10.00 CAD shipping and taxes included
Mystery Snack Pack B$10.00 CAD shipping and taxes included
1 month subscription$15.00 CAD shipping and taxes included
1 month premium subscription$15.00 CAD + shipping (shipping varies on location)

Mystery Snack Pack A: Contains 5-6 items between 50 - 100 g in an envelope. 
Mystery Snack Pack B: Contains 5-6 items between 50 - 100 g in an envelope, but different snacks and candy from Mystery Pack A. 
1 Month Subscription: Contains both Mystery Snack Pack A and B for those of you who need a little more. 10-12 items. 
1 Month Premium Subscription: Contains everything from the 1 month subscription plus more items that could not fit through the slot of doom. 20-24 items.
I received the 1 month subscription and here is what was in the May box.
Shimi Choco Corn

Calcium Sen
Puchi Du Choco

Melon Pandaro

Mochi Taro

Makken Gumi

Pierre Ojisan No Roll Cake

Potato Fry

New Fue Ramune

Budou No Bi

Hiyatto suru candy


Yoiko Waruiko

Koiboto Boshoochoo

Puccho and Ramune Iro Iro

Umai-bo Teriyaki Flavour

All the candies and treats were very yummy. I very much enjoyed them all but I think my favourite was the Pierre Ojisan No Roll Cake and the Potato Fry.

Do I think it is worth it? Yes I do.  For the amount of candies you get in the package that you will get is worth the price . 

I recommend Kawaii Supplies subscription and actually I am thinking on buying a subscription for myself soon.

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