Monday, August 4, 2014

Candy German July 2014 Review

I am no stranger to candy (snack) subscription boxes and I love the idea of candy and snack boxes because I get to try different kinds of things I wouldn't usually try .

Anyway, I was asked to review Candy German's July box and of course I had to say yes because I love subscription boxes, espceially the ones I get to eat .

What's in the box?

Every box from Candy German you receive will be filled with quality candies picked by hand and made in Germany.

Each box is a surprise. You could find anything from chocolate and wine gums to cookies and marzipan - even the legendary Kinder Egg! Each box has 6-8 items .
Cost- Cost:$38.89/month (29.00 Euros) for just one month or $34.79(26 Eauros) for 6 months or $32.11 (24 Euros) for 12 months.Where ever you are you get free shipping.

They ship on the 15th of each month. Depending on your country, delivery can take up to 15 days.

Here is what was in July box

Katjes Back to the Roots

This black licorice is vegetarian.This soft and mild licorice is called Back to the Roots because one of the first products Katjes ever produced, back in 1910, was a licorice sweet (the Katjes Licorice Kittens). I love black licorice and I loved this one.  

Hitschler Apfel Schnüre

Hitschler is a company located in beautiful  Cologne. These a green apple flavoured laces are similar to what I used to buy when I was a child so as I was eating them I had many fond memories of my childhood.  I really liked those.

Feodora Erdbeer Smoozi

The Feodora brand of high-quality chocolates and pralines came into being in 1910 and owes its name to the German Princess Feodora. I loved this and my husband did as well. These are white chocolate and raspberry creamy goodness.

Milka Choco Twist
Milka Choco Twist are mini cakes that are individually wrapped. I really like these because s very fluffy, and there are big Milka chocolate pieces.

Kinder Joy
I think we have all hear of this brand, right?  This is Kinder Joy egg and it is different.  You open up this egg (pull apart) to reveal two seperate sections.  One half has the toy and the other has two chocolate balls in milk cream.  I really enjoyed this one.

Haribo MAOAM

There were 4 or so little fruity chewing candies.  I think the Maoam is what I liked the less in the entire box.They are good but just not the kind of candies I eat. 

Zentis Belnuga
The German company Zentis is originally known as a jam producer. After the Second World War fine confectionery products like chocolate and marzipan complemented their assortment. One of it is Belnuga. It has a soft nougat filling surrounded with delicious marzipan and milk chocolate at the outside. I really enjoyed this one. 

Coppenrath Spritzgenuss
Coppenrath is a Germany bakery company dating back to the 1930's that is now best known for it's biscuit range.I loved these and I love dipping the chocolate part in my coffee. They are very yummy and I am sure I had them before or something similar.

Overall I am very pleased with Candy German and yes I do recommend their subscription box.  I am actually thinking of subscribing myself because I love trying new snacks.  

I highly recommend Candy German

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