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Tokyo Treats November 2016 Review #Unboxing #TokyoTreat #JapaneseCandy

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Well, I have a Japanese subscription box to review. This time I am reviewing Tokyo Treats and I have to say I just couldn't wait to open this box because it has been a while since I reviewed snack boxes.

Every month you receive a little book and there are pages dedicated to what are in the boxes. If you bought the small box you get the top row if you bought the regular box you get the top 2 rows and if you bought the premium box you get everything on the list. 

There are 3 different Tokyo Treats boxes you can get. You can get the small box which has 5 to 7 candies for $14.99USD, the regular box which has 8 to 12 full-size candies or snacks for $24.99USD and the premium box has 13 to 17 candies or snacks (that includes 1 DIY kit and a drink and a special item) for $34.99. Free shipping worldwide.

I received the premium box and here is what we got in November:

Calbee seaweed & salt chips. Both my husband and I were a little scared to try these but we were quite surprised because we actually liked then.

Tohato Caramel Corn Apple Pie Flavour.  I have tried Tohate Caramel Corn before but had never tried the apple pie flavour one. Both my husband and I loved these and we just couldn't stop eating them. This really did taste like apple pie!

Shiekix Mikan Gummy.  These were so sour.  I don't mind sour candies but these were too sour for my liking. 

Umaitama-Chocolate is bite size cream buff balls filled with chocolate cream. I love these

Genji Pie these are cookies that I enjoyed. They are very sweet.

Pocky Soft Milk Flavour.  Can't go wrong with Pocky!!  I love every Pocky I have tried so far and I do love these

BAKE Limited Edition Sweet Potato Flavour. I am not a fan of sweet potato so I wasn't sure about this one before I tried it but I didn't even taste the sweet potato. It was very good.

Re-ment Omusubi-kororin Mascot. This was a special item. It isn't a snack but you could put these on a keychain. It isn't something I would use personally but I am sure some of you would like that. 

Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice. I love this and I wish I could get these here in Canada.

Kinako Stick is a semi-soft chewy candy that is covered with roasted soybean flour. Again I wouldn't sure about this one but I actually liked it. It had a nutty flavour to it. 

Whistle Ramune. I have received one of these in a subscription box before but I don't mind because they are good and fun.  These come with a little toy too.

Chocolate Pie Bar . This is so good. Its light and flaky crust with chocolate inside. 

Mayotara . Personally I was not a fan of this. This is dried taro fish snack that has the chewy texture of beef jerky. It comes with mayonaise.  I am very picky with fish so I did not try it yet. I might later if I can get the courage to try it. 

Bake Sweet Potato Yokan. This one wasn't for me 

Morinaga Milk Caramel- I have had this one in a subscription box before but I don't mind because they are so yummy

Coris Fruit & Vegetable Shop Chewing Candy. This is an easy DIY kit. All you do is put the candy in the molds and you get candies that look like vegetables and fruits.  The candies are very sweet but I still liked them. 

What do I think? Well, like any other Japanese subscription boxes I have tried so far there have been a few things I didn't like but I expected that so it wasn't a surprise to find at least 2 things I didn't like but I do love trying new candies and snacks so for me Tokyo Treats is fantastic. The price is decent too expecially with the free shipping worldwide.  If you live in Canada you know shipping is expensive.

Do I recommend this? Yes I do so if you love to try Japanese candies and snacks you will love Tokyo Treats

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