Thursday, September 7, 2017

Planning On A Home Remodel?

When is the moment when a homeowner knows they have to plan a remodel? It could be when another child is born and the need for a new bathroom becomes crystal clear. It could be when a student moves back home, and it’s obvious a new bathroom and a kitchen makeover would be helpful. It might just be the day that the bedroom color scheme looks tired. No matter what it is, when a home needs a remodel, it’s important to know that there are ways to plan for one successfully.

Getting a Loan

Many homeowners pay for a remodel by borrowing out of the equity in their home. There are many low interest loans available today, and this can be a sound way to add value to a home, without greatly increasing mortgage payments. If financing can be acquired, a home remodel plan can begin.

Making a Plan

It’s important to really plan for that dream house remodel. Many online sites and design magazines offer visuals that show what certain materials and color schemes look like in a room. This can be a great place to find ideas and also find ways to problem solve in certain areas in a home. Once a plan for the remodel is decided on, it’s wise to look for an experienced contractor who can help turn those ideas into reality.

Checking Online

It used to be more difficult to find a good contractor, but today with all the online sites available with listings of local contractors, that job is much easier. Sites offer information about contractors with referrals and references, as well as examples of past projects. After reviewing listings, a free phone consultation can be arranged with a good candidate. This talk gives the homeowner a chance to work through their ideas, like how to build stairs for a deck or build out a garage, and make a solid plan for improving their home. If the contractor is the right fit, an agreement should be made and the plans should commence.

Yes, a home remodel is a big project, but if planned well, it can be a great way to add to the enjoyment and value of a home. 

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