Saturday, August 1, 2020

A Moving Update #2

I know it has been over a month since I last posted anything in this blog but my husband and I have been busy and stressed.

Because of the Covid-19 and also because we didn't have a way to have someone care for our dog while we would be house hunting I had to stay behind while my husband went to our new town to house hunt.  

We had one house on our radar but unfortunately we couldn't get that one. Since we only had a week to find a house and purchase one we decided we would go to our second choice.  That was in late June.

Since we purchased we have been frantically cleaning our current home and getting ready to move out. We had a closing date of July 31st. 

Just less than a week before we have the movers come the buyer decided to ask us to push possession date another 2 weeks. Since it was such short notice we had to say no because possession day for our new house was also July 31st.

Now July 31st arrives and all seem to be going well. We drove 3 hours to our new town and went for a walkthrough of our new house to make sure everything was fine.  We were just waiting for the lawyer to call us to go pick up the keys.     The lawyer called and said .. wait.. the is a delay in the mortgage on the buyers' end so that meant that we can't have the sale money from the previous house to pay our mortgage for new house which means we can't move in the new house. It is not right. Heck, I don't even think it is legal for a buyer to do that. I don't know if it actually isn't legal but since I am not a lawyer but my gut says it isn't.    Anyway, we had to frantically call the moving company to tell them not to deliver our things at the new house on Tuesday like it was all planned and to put our things in storage for a week (lawyer said it will be all fixed in a week).    So now we are in a hotel (me, my husband and our dog) until next Friday.  

Anyway,  sorry for the long post but I thought I would let you all know.  Of course, all this is affecting my reviews/blogging because I can not accept any products right at this moment.  

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